LotRO: Hobnanigans, a blast from the past

(I was looking through old posts on another of my blogs and found this one. Just had to share/repost it here. I miss chicken ball!! Sadly, it hasn’t made an appearance in the game since the first time. I keep hoping they’ll bring it back as it was crazy fun!)

Originally posted June, 22, 2007: Hobnanigans, aka ‘Chicken Ball’

Hobnanigans- 2 teams of 5 on a field using sticks to bunt a chicken around with the objective of scoring a goal. Takes 3 goals to win. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Here we are waiting for a game of Chicken Ball to start. To kill time, one dwarf pulled out his drum and the rest of us started dancing. It may appear that I was ‘dancing for the guys’ but I can assure you it was completely coincidental. We were all doing our newly learned dances. I just happened to be in the center. 😛

The game hasn’t started yet but we’ve been allowed to pick up our sticks and enter the field. We’re waiting for another team to show up at this point. During this time, in every game I’ve participated in so far, we’ve played with emotes. For instance, clicking on another player and “fainting dead away at the sight of them” or dancing with each other. It’s a serious time killer and so much fun. We had one guy who accidentally clicked on another guy and ‘flirted’ with him. That was funny and I couldn’t let that pass without saying something. Poor Dondor….

Let the games begin! The chicken you see on screen is our ‘ball’. Here we are running to hit the chicken with our sticks. I took the names off screen to make it easier to see while playing.

This was the only half way decent shot of the chicken being bunted. If you look closely, you’ll see a mess of feathers about halfway between the guy in the long blue cape (who’d just hit the chicken) and the chicken. I was playing on my dwarf who has a set of heavy armour complete with a big ole shield. I took everything off of him and thought it was fitting for him to be playing ‘in his jammies’.
So far I’ve scored 3 goals (2 in one game…woot!) and hit the chicken out of bounds too many times to count. The chicken isn’t easy to target (have to target it before you can hit it) so often times you’re just running around on the field trying to select it so you can hit it. Still, it’s a ton of fun to play. Both Ranni and my dwarf have earned the titles “Flying Feather Champion” and, my personal favorite, “Chicken Chaser”. I hope they’ll leave the game “Hobnanigans” in game after the summer solstice festival is over.

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