Lord of Ultima: I’m a little frustrated

That said, I’m still loving the game play. My frustration is with resource production (not at all where I want to be on that), fear of not being able to defend my cities well (we gots us a war heating up) and with the mindset of my alliance.  What I perceive it to be, anyway. So, before I start venting (blogs are good for that) and trying to work things out in my head (re: blog, it’s like my brain only you guys are invited into it. Creepy?), I want to again say this. I’m new to the game. That means I may be blowing out the back-end because I don’t understand that which I’m about to get all venty about.

Disclaimers, they makes me feel so much better.

My alliance, we have big plans. No point in playing without having big plans, right? Thing is, I don’t see us working toward them in the steps (I think) would be needed to get there. It’s like we’re more, on the whole, focused on the end result rather than what comes before that. You can’t get to the top if you’re trampled repeatedly on the way there. You need to be able to defend yourself. Each of us. There are ways to do so built into the game as you level up. If you’ve got an attack coming in and you have a level 10 Moonglow tower, you can purify any resource you can’t use up or hide so that the attacker can’t get their grimy little paws on them. There are hideouts you can build from the get go and will hide up to, I think, 22k for each resource. Game is down so I can’t check that figure at the moment but will do so once maintenance is over. You can build more than one hideout, too, but. How many is too much? They take up a build slot and you’ve only got 100 build slots with a maxed out Town Hall. That may sound like a lot but it’s not when you consider what all you need to build to be successful.

We have more than a few members who want to get out there and FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT! And that’s an awesome thing. BUT. And here’s where you’ll see how heartless I am. I do NOT want to waste my resources and troops defending your ass if you’re not helping to defend yourself. If all you’re focused on is building an offensive army then you deserve what you get. Which brings me to a big frustration. We have a new plan for the alliance.

Some of us will focus on build resources to ship to others. Some will focus on building defense to help defend our alliance mates while others will focus on building an offensive army. That plan is absolutely brilliant! Least, it would be if we had more gung-ho members willing to log in regularly (several times a day) to see when they’d be needed. And, maybe, we do. Hard to tell when so many refuse to talk in alliance chat. There are some who prefer tells and although there’s nothing wrong with using the private message system, if that’s all you do, well. That’s a big problem. Because without lots of communication we are destined to fail. As it stands now, we have a few members who are running on the assumption that they’ll be defended regardless and aren’t on much.

I think I’m rambling around but bear with me.

Another thing that really bothers me is that although we see that end result, we’re not training to get there. I’ve been told by several members that it’s too impossible to time attacks to land at the same time because we’re spread out across the continent. And some have said this after our biggest enemy proved that wrong by doing JUST THAT to us last weekend. It’s very possible and very needed. We need to start discussing this so folks can learn how it’s done. Another big problem is we’ve got people attacking with defensive troops or defending with offensive troops. Our leader has stated emphatically, and in all caps, that you need to use the right troops for the right battle plan. He’s an experienced player. Yet, it’s still going on and people are surprised when things don’t go the way they thought they would. Even when they see it didn’t work, they still defend it saying ‘it should have worked’. Arg.

We have got to start working on better communication. We have some veteran players who know their stuff but they don’t know how to properly communicate it to our newbies. We’ve got to start talking battle plans if we’re going to pull off the awesome team attacks I know we can. It can’t always be every man for himself as that will hurt us more than our enemy. We also need to rethink this resource/lord of army thing because we just can’t count on everyone to be able to be there when we need them to be. Real life happens. People have jobs and schools and families. We’re a casual alliance right now and this resource/army pairing thing isn’t going to work if we aren’t hardcore.

There are upsides to the new plan as some really don’t want to fight. They’d rather focus on the economy part of the game rather than manage all three main aspects. (economy/resources. defending and offensive) So being paired up with an army lord and just feeding that person much needed resources feels better. Still won’t keep you from being attacked and your lord may not be on to defend you. Wouldn’t that suck big ole’ donkey balls!

We need to tweak our mindset, I think. We’ve got a great group of people and I love playing with them. I just want to see us better prepared to win.


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  1. I used to play Edgeworld on Kabam…About 2012 the alliance flipped to mostly casual players from the Hardcore players…By that I mean an alliance of 100 players would yield 30 players on the system 24/7/365…Everyone on using chat..Sadly things crumbled and the hackers moved in…..And yes I know how to tell who is who…No big task to do a remote and see what another user is doing

    • I played Edgeworld hit and miss for a couple weeks, never really got into it. Understand what you’re describing though. Would *LOVE* to get into a really good browser RTS war game again but I haven’t found one I like yet. Love building my cities, armies and going to battle with a great group of people. The last few I’ve looked at had bits and pieces of what I want but not a full on game like MoW used to be. Heard great things about Edgeworld before I started playing but the alliance I was in wasn’t very talkative. Felt more like playing Farmville to me.

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