Lord of Ultima: 1,345 kills

I’ve been playing EA’s Lord of Ultima and it’s giving me that much needed ‘fix’ I needed for browser war games. The alliance I’m in has a lot of great folks and I’m really enjoying playing with them. This is the first time I haven’t been in the, this sounds so egotistical, but … we aren’t the big bad top dog alliance. Yet. It’s a different mindset as we have some somewhat casual folks, some very eager folks and some who really know their stuff. It’s a good mix and I know we’ll go far. Once we learn to work together better on attacking. That’s so out the window right now it’s not funny. The attacks are more along the lines of your knee-jerk reactions than the well planned strategic hits that hurt to the core. I’m not able to attack anyone yet, though, so I have no room to talk. Just saying.

What we did do, however, was come together to defend a fellow alliance mate and in doing so, kicked some serious butt. I haven’t castled any of my cities yet as I’m waiting for my fourth city to do so. I lose a free title waiting from what I understand but I’m ok with that. I am able to defend, though, and thanks to helping our buddy out I’ve gotten a total of 1,345 kills so far. An enemy alliance threw a few attacks on several of our alliance members and we decided to defend the one we knew we could save. It’s early days for us and we just don’t have the tech to combat a huge force of war galleons, what the enemy was hitting other members with. We would have wasted our resources and killed our defenders trying to fight them, so we rushed in to defend the one. And it worked! The enemy lost more than we did so it was an accomplishment on our part.

What’s happened since the massive weekend assault has been a little disappointing. People are upset and wanting to strike back. Understandable. What’s not so cool is that we didn’t work together to do so. I saw attacks going off all day but because they weren’t coordinated, they weren’t doing the damage we needed to do to pay our enemies back. I’m not alliance lead (OMG we’d so fail if I were!!!) and I’m new to the game so I feel like I can’t speak up in the way that I want to. The assaults this weekend were impressive. They timed each attack to land within seconds of each other. They were prepared and didn’t seem to care if they lost troops, which is exactly what you need to expect if you’re going to attack someone.  If they’d been my alliance mates I’d have been proud of how they planned and executed the attacks. Since they weren’t, they freaking SUCK and will get what’s coming to them in due time.

That’s how you hurt your enemy though. You plan the attacks out. You coordinate when your troops land, get that timing right, so everyone hits at almost the exact same time. I will say this about our enemy. They brought stupid troop types and if they’d been completely smart about it, could have done a lot more damage than we could have defended against. (haha, suckahs!) Still, outside of that, they did everything right and the attacks we shot back seemed more limp than anything else. Timing was haphazard and we took some serious losses today.  Sticking up for each other is a great thing but it’s got to be done right to be effective. We defended the hell out of our buddy but missed the mark today.

We’re learning though and that’s the most important thing. Can’t wait to see what we do when we work as a team to do it.


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