GuildWars: Rerolling was the right thing to do!

Tonight I was planning on playing console games with my oldest but he sat down and started watching videos on his computer. So I decided to play Guild Wars and see if I could get my Ranger out of that death trap she was in. Didn’t happen. She died to those bands of wandering Charr again. And again. I made a snap decision. My Ranger is now dead to me. I hate her. I don’t ever want to play her again. My very first character was an Elementalist but I didn’t have much luck with that one either. It took me two or three days, eight hours of play time, to get her to level 4. Not joking. I suck! I decided to delete her and reroll a new Elementalist. This time I went with Mesmer for my second profession instead of Necromancer.

I flipping rock now! Woot!

In the three hours I played her she’s nearly level 5 or she’s just a hair past it. I couldn’t find that darn flute for Gwen (?) but I ran around killing everything I saw. It was awesome! One of the tips said I could talk to a collector somewhere and get a bag to up my inventory space. I don’t know where this precious collector is but I’m going to look on the Wiki tomorrow and see if I can find out. I am doing better at managing my inventory this go round but more space would be a godsend. I’m also doing better at quest management. When I played before I would flip through my quests trying to do a bunch at one time. It’s probably possible but seemed to waste more time than not so tonight I would just pick a quest and go do it. Worked out much better for me. Looking forward to playing again tomorrow! Very glad I decided to reroll as I actually had fun in game for the first time in a very long time. Woot!


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