The gaming Gods have conspired against me

What a week or two! My monitor died in an electrifying fashion. Always the drama queen … I’m not sure what caused it but the board fried around the power ‘supply’, if that’s what it’s called. I didn’t think to open it up and have a look-see so I kept trying to get it to work for a couple of days. Thankfully, my son put me out of my misery when he DID open it up and discovered the fruitlessness of my attempts to revive it. So I stole my husband’s monitor and gave him an old 19″ that I’d given to my son a few months ago. Indian giver, that’s me.

Especially since my husband’s monitor used to be mine, too. I gave it to him when his conked out.

Anyway, I was back up and running just in time to have to leave my desk for LONG periods at a time to prepare a dinner for 9. That included much cleaning of my house which, in turn, included me throwing my back out. It never pays to be an Indian giver. Trust me.

So what have I done the last couple of weeks in terms of gaming? Not much. I fired of Guild Wars, looked through my quest log to try and remember what I’d done last, picked a quest to do and promptly died after leaving the safety of the city my Ranger had been hanging out in for a few months. Bummed, I left the rez station (can’t think of what they’re called to save my life) and ran into the same mobs and died again. Ever determined, I once again set out only this time I went around the mobs that had killed me so effortlessly. Twice. Guess what was waiting for me just around the bend? Another group of the exact same mobs. I think I left my Ranger at the rez station that time.

I haven’t done a whole heck of a lot in LotRO either. I’ve worked books, the exact same books, on two or three characters. I think I’ve finished the Moria set for a while now. Ranni the Hunter may still need to finish but Condi and Millee are forever done with Book 2, save for the epilogues. I’ve also been running deeds on my little 21s in the Bree area trying desperately to acquire enough points on my main account for the new barter wallet/upgrade come Update 6. I’m close, needing less than a hundred points to get it now. I think. Or maybe I need another 115 Turbine Points? I’m tired of killing wights and neekers, let me tell you!

I planned a ‘play-date’ with my oldest one night. I sent him a text and he brought his lvl 13 RK in to help me deed the Barrows Down area. I logged both accounts in and drug my Burg behind my Guard and finished them in overpower. His RK is 15 now I think. I had no idea he was going for the Undying title and, had I know, would have crapped myself when he got down to only 8 health. Luckily, he’s still on track for his coveted title. But he seriously almost died a couple of times.

I love love love love LOVE browser MMORTS games! I was playing Knights of Sky (it’s officially released now) and had a dilly of a time trying to kill Lamia on the second map. If you’re playing, level your Lord and Heros as high as you can and go with a full complement of metal golems and paladins. I went with just metal golems the last time and finally beat that dragon down! The rewards were so incredibly paltry after having to put so much work into it, I quit the game. Wasn’t a rage quit per say, as I felt I’d finally accomplished my goal. I realized, after seeing the reward I got, that I didn’t really care about the game anymore so I deleted my Lord and removed the bookmark from my list. I felt a bit of relief also because I really don’t like the turn based combat system in the game.

Still needing my browser mmorts fix, I hit Google and decided on Lord of Ultima. OMG. I love this game. It’s like a souped up Tribal Wars and I’m in an awesome (though, quiet) alliance. It’s still not an answer to Ministry of War but I’m really enjoying the play style. I’m in a bit of a slump at the moment but cooling my heels isn’t a bad thing at this point in the game. I’m slowly building my resources up and it won’t be long before I can take off again. My sons are coming in from college for their break this weekend so this will give me an excuse to remove myself from my screen and be a tad social. My back is feeling better and although I’m not back to 100% with it, I’m close. As long as I don’t make sudden movements and the like. I’m hoping to challenge my oldest to a game of War in the North. I still haven’t progressed too far and won’t mind wiping what I’ve done to go two-player with him. I bet he’d love the game!

Hoping for some ‘real’ gaming time in my future. This nit and pick thing I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks is getting old.



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