LotRO: Weekend follies

I have one character on my main account that doesn’t have a horse yet (or the riding skill) but other than her, all but one of my characters have at least one of the Treasure Hunt mounts. My minstrel, Millee, has all three! Woot! I figure the one that wasn’t successful in getting a mount can wait until next time and gave up early Sunday trying for it. I was fortunate in that most of my time spent digging for treasure I was in low populated layers. The few times I was on an uberly high populated level I didn’t pay as much attention to the folks running around as there was JUST SO MANY OF THEM!!! This guy, however, caught my eye and I chased him around the hill taking screen shots just so I could post one here.

This was one of the screenies. He looked different, rather, his boots did, from different angles. I was just southwest of him in this shot and his boots look like boots, no? Here’s another angle I saw in a different screenshot, and the whole reason I chased this guy around the hill taking pictures.

Isn’t that crazy looking? I don’t know what caused it but that was just one of several oddities dependant on what angle I was looking at him from. Kind of funny. I wanted to ask him if he was aware that his boots were morphing all over the place as he ran around but I suddenly remembered I was supposed to be digging for gold and forgot about his wonky boots.

Today, once I realized I was over the Treasure Hunt, I decided I wanted to work on my minstrel for a bit. I haven’t done anything with her other than craft in, wow, I dunno, gotta be going on a year now. Boy howdy was I in for a shocker getting used to the new icons. If I’m honest, I’m still trying to figure out what they do but, for now, I’ve got running in War Speech down. I think. Anyway, the first thing I did was look at her quest log. I decided to clear it and ran to the Rift to turn in that quest you get around level 50. It was an easy run since she was 65 … Then I went to Mirkwood to do the five or so quests she had open there and somehow got carried away working her Epic books. I started around Chapter 6 of the Mirkwood ones and finished to open the Epilogues. I forget why I went to Moria but I did and decided to finish those as well. Ugh.

I forget where I was fighting when this happened but if you look close, you can see my glowy hands in the hole.

And the summoned root? Kind of looks like a whip, doesn’t it? GET IN THAT HOLE YOU MANGY MINSTREL!!!! Been there, done that. Alrighty then.

I’ll tell you what blew my mind, though. Millee the Minstrel has a Bannerguard for a skirmish soldier. I don’t remember going with a Bannerguard. I thought she had a warrior to be honest. I thought about changing out for a different soldier but decided to give it a go and see how he plays.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I don’t know if I like Bannerguards. They’re squirrely, jump off high bridges or ledges if you turn in the wrong direction (like, when you turn around they swing in front of you, WAY in front of you, and if that means taking a swan dive down 30 stories, so be it.) and take breaks from the fighting. I’ve got his Bannerguard thingy, all his skills, traits and personals up to level 22 so when he’s ready to fight, dude rocks. When he’s not, though, …

Like here, in the above screenshot. He waited until the mob was almost dead to join this fight. You can’t buy loyalty like that! I don’t know if I’m missing the boat on what a Bannerguard is supposed to do but so far, I’m only halfway impressed. If that much. During the Mirkwood skirmish where you get to fire the ballistae things he stayed on the other side of the wall mostly and would engage the enemy before they could get through the archway. That was fun. On the plus side he can tank pretty darn well and didn’t die nearly as much as I wanted him to.

I haven’t finished the Moria book on Millee yet but I did get the three skirmish ones done and she’s in the Shadowed Refuge waiting to die of a bad fungus infection. I’m thinking they’re going to make me do the mirrors instance and the one with all the levers soon so I logged out before they could ask. Those were fun the first time. I don’t much like them on repeat. I need to take the time and reorder all of my skills. They’re still slotted according to what made sense (to me) before they made the minstrel a strange and befuddled alien. Once I get that down I’m sure she’ll start making sense again. I hope so anyway. If not I’ll never be able to heal a group again. We’ll see.


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