Captain Condi isn’t cutting the mustard

Condi is my main character now since I didn’t (and won’t) move Original Ranni over to Landroval. I seriously love playing my Captain and she can do some pretty amazing things! The leveling was fine when I was with my Rune Keeper buddy but once we parted ways, somewhere in the low 40s I think, it became rather difficult and I just didn’t like her much. What’s more, when with my RK buddy, I could never keep aggro on the mob we were killing. Ever.

Condi #2 had a much better time keeping aggro because I was teamed up with a Guardian buddy. Go figure!?! By the time I’d rolled my second Condi I already had a (then) level-capped Captain so I knew how awesome she’d be. Currently she’s sitting on Crickhollow at level 62 if memory serves me.

My point is, the second go round was fun the whole way through because of my friend and because I knew better how to play the Captain class. My first Condi could heal, tank or fill the normal spots in groups. I preferred tanking once I found out just how much fun that is! She was a BEAST! I ran her with a group of crazy friends who tried everything at least once and, usually, without a plan. It was incredibly fun and we never knew what to expect. The Guardian in the group ran overpower which is why Condi became the tank. I didn’t think there was anything she couldn’t do back then. Moria was her playground and Mirkwood her theme park. It’s not like that anymore, however.

I listened to the Captain’s Roundtable last night (CSTM) and woke up today, thinking about it more, feeling flabbergasted. The panel was a group of awesome, dare I say ‘epic’ Captains who can do anything. Condi dies at least once when doing the daily to kill the overseers for Dagoras. What’s funny is that sometimes she can take them down super fast while others, they take HER down super fast. Crazy! I’m hoping it’s a resistance thing and have decided to work up her Zeal to see if that helps. Currently, her Zeal is rank 9. Know what that means?

Giants in Misty Mountains. Worms in Forochel. Dragonets in Moria. Wood Trolls in Enedwaith. Kergrim in Evendim and Orcs in Angmar. Ugh. My plan is to hit the Giants, Wood Trolls and Orcs to get her bumped up to rank 12. The Orcs will be easy peasy. The other two will be full of stuns and throw backs, my two most favorite things to hate outside of visits to the circle of death. I also still need to attain Kindred with the Riders so I can buy her better bangles and such. I’ve been holding back on putting her in a kin because I didn’t think she had much to offer to one yet. I really want her kinned so she’ll hopefully have a group of folks to run dungeons with (and chat! I miss kin chat!). This morning I woke feeling that it’s not an ‘I think’ but a ‘yeah buddy’ on not being good enough yet.

I have a lot to do with Condi to make her awesome again, but it’s not going to happen if I don’t get over this ‘I’m not good enough to group’ thing I’ve got going on. I’ve put my flag away and pulled my herald back out so I can learn better what the new Brother skills do. I’d been ignoring them because I prefer my flag over my slow-running-one-eyed-dwarf herald. The Roundtable panel really talked up the Brother skills and I realized I’m dumber than a rock with them.

I left a kin I started, one I loved and STILL love dearly, because they couldn’t do SG. That sounds harsh, doesn’t it? They wanted it soooooo badly but once inside, some felt they knew best, refused to listen to lead whether it was me or anyone really, and would wipe us out. Repeatedly. It became so frustrating that I couldn’t give them what they wanted most that I felt I had to leave (sign of bad leadership and all). I don’t want to be that person who causes a group to wipe all the time. I feel that at this time Condi would be. I must fix that!

I should have titled this one “In which I whine”.


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