LotRO: Rp-ing a brain dead hunter

It’s really not so hard. Just go to an area you know pretty darn well, grab a bunch of quests and then proceed to forget every single thing you know about the zone. That’s when you should start your questing. Questing will consist of running around EV_ER_REE where but where you actually need to go, finishing an orc deed without getting your quest items (that’s a stretch, I did get the items I needed) and aggro a butt-ton of mobs as you search relentlessly for the areas you’re looking for. You’ll never find them as you took a stoopid pill before setting out on your quest run.

When you’re ready to give up and use Desperate Flight to go back to the rez circle, you’ll notice you’re standing right smack dab beside a rez circle. Not the one you want, mind you, the one by the quest givers, oh no. It’s the one as far from the one you want as you can get. So you’ll have to just run back. IF you can find your way back. I did. Find my way back. By accident. I didn’t even realize you could come into the quest hub at Anazarmekhem from the back side but you can.

That pretty much sums up my night. I didn’t get much of anything done outside of training for a Middle-Earth marathon. It’s been awhile since I felt I completely wasted my time in game. It was so bad I logged out and decided to watch some of the shows I’ve DVR’d. Was so much fun finding that my DVR took a page from  Ranni the Stupid and recorded infomercials and labeled them as shows I watch. What’s up, Murphy? Is it my time again?

I really should have logged Condi in. You can make a crapton of moolah in very little time running around in Dunland. In a few hours my little kinship can buy a kin house. WOOT!! Well, they could if I had the money. Which I don’t. Condi blew it on scholar mats. She may be a leader of Men but she stinks at the finances. I think I’ll go back to Condi this weekend and work on that. Has to be better than tonight.


Haha, Anazarmekhem stumps spellcheck. Stumped me, too, btw. Had to hit Google to get the correct spelling. Fun when you don’t know how to spell it and when you finally find it, realize you’ve been saying it wrong for years. 


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