Lotro: Trained Cave-Claw video

KurganNazzir went to my house and captured video of the Treasure Hunt Trained Cave-Claw. How awesome is that?? Thanks, Kurgan! Check out her gaming blog, Mistress of Mordor. Well worth the read!

Here’s the link to the video (in case you can’t see it below)  Trained Cave-Claw by KurganNazzir


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  1. “Well worth the read!” haha, you’re funny. 😛

  2. I try. Was being serious this time, though. Doesn’t look like you just through stuff up to have a blog post. I do that sometimes and one of them, ironically, has turned out to be one of my all time most viewed post. Top 5 at least. Weird, no?

  3. teehee, you said ‘throw stuff up’. Yeah, I only do a post when I have something(s) I want to share that won’t cut it on the social sites. Then again, I’ve posted some stuff on G+ that probably should have been blog posts instead. In the end, I often wonder why I bother. I’m not interesting and I doubt people care yet I feel the urge to share certain things. *shrug*

    My top post is one I did about the Treasure-hunt last May when it was on Bullroarer. Go figure. 🙂

  4. Haha, totally get that. I went through a real downer a few months ago because I don’t get many comments on any of my blogs. It took some doing but I finally remembered why I started blogging to begin with and I feel a whole lot better about it now. I seriously LOVE comments! Really do!!! But for me it’s needing a voice, even if it’s a voice in the void. I think it was Syp who said (on Too Long Didn’t Listen) that there’s this conversation going on and sometimes, you just want to be a part of it. Even when you’re not getting feedback someone’s listening to what you’ve said. You’re joining in on a really cool conversation, one you can’t take part in if you don’t speak up. If that makes sense.

    One thing I should really work on is not hitting that publish button until I’ve taken a few hours or a day to reread. I bet I’d catch my tense and wrong version goofs more then. In my head I saw ‘threw’ but I see I actually wrote ‘through’. I used to edit other people’s work for publication and sometimes, my blogs are a hard read. LOL.

  5. You know what’s funny? I didn’t even notice you used ‘through’ instead of ‘threw’, my brain knew what you were saying and automatically corrected the word, I guess.

    I keep getting frustrated on the social networks because I rarely see others sharing with me or commenting on things I post. At the same time, I always tell myself I don’t need someone to leave a comment (though it would be nice to talk to someone on occasion). I guess what bugs me is I see others conversing and I feel left out. G+ seems to have turned into a near ghost town for me lately and I don’t know if it’s people just aren’t posting or if it’s they aren’t sharing with me anymore for some reason. Of course, just because I’m a loser without a life doesn’t mean everyone else is; other people have better things to do than post on social networks. (let’s see if this post gets the correct avatar)

  6. Darn, still not the right avatar. I guess I can’t have the one I want on WordPress. I swear I’ve been able to have my blogger avatar appear on WordPress comments in the past. Oh well, back to my WordPress one.

  7. It can be frustrating. Twitter, for me, is different than blogging. Blogging is a release, a review, a point of view for me. Twitter is a connection and I’ve found I really do need that connect with others.

    I see your avatar on the comment where you said it’s still not the right avatar. Maybe it just wanted to see you admit defeat before it showed up? lol

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