LotRO: I hates the berries but I still got the cave claw!

I love the cave claw! It costs 400 Buried Treasure Tokens and took most of the day to get as I literally fell out of my nice quiet very unfilled layer and into a layer that had around 8 bazillion people. Never could get back to my almost empty one. If I knew how to do video I’d show you all of his ‘moves’.  Screen grabs will have to suffice, however, so here are a few.

He be sleepin'

Back away or you're TOAST! (he thinks he's all that. doesn't realize he's trained.)

I'd be scratching my back if I were him, too! Looks awfully itchy.


He also does this thing where he runs in a circle while on his side. It’s cute but a screen grab just wouldn’t do it justice. I think I’ve gotten most of the emotes: /counterfeit, /pan, /inspectgem and /coinflip. Have also acquired the small furniture Treasure Chest and small yard Dig-Site as well as a few of the cosmetic bags. I haven’t gotten the rusk sack yet so of course I’m really wanting one, nor have I gotten the horse or goat. Bummer. Will keep trying!


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  1. Ohhh the berries for the cave claw quest makes me mad. Is it just me or do only 3-4 berry bushes spawn every 2-3 rounds? And when it does, its as if 50 other players on the same quest go hunting for them. But other than that, it’s a fun little event and I enjoyed wasting away my first 10 Picks, I’ve got the /pan and /inspectgem emotes on my main Adhrean, plus the Treasure Chest house deco. When I get back from work later I’ll probably waste a few more hours in the dig sites, cause being a mount collector, it’s the goat and the horse that I really really want. Well then, all the best in your pursuits on your server 😉

  2. Grats on the goodies, I never saw the cave claw before so it’s cool seeing your screenshots. Send me your server and house address, I can stop by and get a video for you to embed here if you want.

  3. @Adhrean Yes, the berries make me berry mad, too, sometimes. Have to remind myself ‘it’s just a game’. (which makes me even madder, lol) It certainly does feel that they only spawn every few rounds. Hard to say for sure when there’s a gazillion people after them but I’d imagine that’s not the case.

    @Kurgan I live in the Stumphollow neighborhood in the Shire. 4 Wending Way. (Ranni’s house) Thanks!

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