LotRO: Crafting for storage space

This weekend I’ve been steady crafting to free up storage space. Again. It never ends, does it? I decided I need to get my weaponsmith maxed in both weaponsmithy and the guild. I also want my metalsmith to have the same accomplishments, of course. Millee, my jewelry, did finish both tiers of Westfold and now needs to start that last (new) bar for the Jewelers guild. I also worked on my scholar who appeared to be very ho-hum about the whole scholary stuff. See?

She not only has her glass by her side but her fingers through the text manual in the other hand. Because that’s how she rolls. She wants to put forth the image that she’s gripped with boredom. I guess. That might be funny if I’d gotten her fingers through the book in this shot as I thought I had. Oh wells. Fickle Lore-Master, won’t stay still for my lens.

Anyway, back to the painful duo.

I farmed enough dwarf iron ore to start and finish Ranni the Hunter’s artisan tiers of weaponsmithing. Now I need to get her the ore to start and finish Master. Condi, my explorer, isn’t particularly thrilled at the idea of going back out for more ancient iron. At all. Today she farmed enough for Gasi to max master in his metalsmithing and saw some pretty cool sites. I took her to Eregion for today’s node hunting and got to see this. I’m calling it the node-bow.

That’s pretty much the entire rainbow. Almost. I’ve never seen this much of it as it’s always been behind a cliff’s edge or mountain range or group of trees. Impressive! Especially for the night sky if I say so myself. Is this tied in with any lore? I’ve always wondered why there’s a rainbow at night in Eregion but never bothered to look it up. Hang on and I’ll give it a quick Google.  Ok, so the Eregion nightime moonbow is a bug, according to a post on the forums, and it’s not high on the priority fix list. I hope it never is!

Condi spent several days and nights gathering ore for Gasi and was lucky enough to come across this one during the daytime.

If she’d been a Hobbit and, of course, not a leader of Men, she would have climbed into this stump hole and taken a good long nap. It’s hard work gathering ore! And they’re just so heavy after a while. I want one of these stumps in my yard now. Ranni the Hunter IS a Hobbit and would make fast use of it! I bet my sleeping Hobbit Guard would as well.

Condi has stated emphatically that if I try and force her into more ore gathering tomorrow she will go on strike and kill her herald, Dumpy. I can’t let that happen (again) so she’s getting the day off tomorrow. It’s tiresome work and, if I’ve done my math right, I need 624 ores for Ranni the Hunter to do master tier weaponsmith. BIG. FAT. BLARG!! More depressing is the probability that I did the math wrong and it’ll take more than that. I was awesome at math until I started using it. Go figure. I’ve reclaimed a lot of space the last few days already so I’m not sure how pressing a need I have to go get that ore. (that’s code for ‘my powers of ignore are higher than my want to take care of the need’. it’s rationalization at it’s best)

I’ve also gone through several of my vaults looking for things I’ve held on to that I really don’t need. Or want. I need to address my pack rat tendencies in a serious way or I’ll continue to run out of storage space every few weeks. It’s madness! ‘Course, once my crafters are done mastering their crafts I won’t need to hold on to as much. I think.


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