LotRO: Dunland bits and bobs

I’ve been wanting to write up my experiences questing through Dunland but there was just SO much going on and, thanks to a coffee catastrophe, I don’t have my notes. UGH! I do have a few screen shots though I wish I’d taken more. Here’s a few of the things that caught my attention, and why.

Mysteri over at LOTROAcademy has been wanting a picnic basket in game so folks can have picnics where ever they wish. When I saw this I immediately thought of her! The art work is already done, I’d say, as this could work. It has a loaf of bread inside and would look awesome sitting in the middle of a red and white checkered blanket on the shores of the Brandywine, would it not?



Here’s another that made me go, ‘WHAT?’ This quest came out of the blue and even though I knew exactly where it was going, it struck me as the oddest thing. There was no preamble. No nothing. It made me wonder if this was a straight up planned quest line or one that someone thought, ‘oh, hey, why not do this here’. I’m sure that’s not the case and it does fit, it’s just an out of the blue moment when you start this series. To answer the quest giver, ‘Yes, queer indeed!’.

OH! And this was down right cute! I was hoping to find a shortcut into Tal Methedras when I came upon this field of snowmen. There are Forochel-like huts dotted around the snowmen and I’m not sure what the area would be used for in reference to the town it borders. Unless in happier ‘war-isn’t-on-the-horizon’ times, then I suppose it could have been a festival type of area for them.

I wish I’d gotten a screen grab of this little old woman, Aneira, as she scuttled past me but I was locked in battle and didn’t have time. There’s a quest in the (I think) Barnavon area where you have to rescue a few townsfolk. Once they’ve been freed they run like crazy back to safety. Same is true for this little old woman only she’s, well, old and walks with a big cane. Her run is very slow and … funny. I’d freed the hostages and was working another quest when I noticed her hobbling past me as fast as she could. I’m not sure why it struck me as funny but it did. I laughed so hard when I saw her and wondered how she’d managed to not be taken hostage again given how slow her ‘run’ was. Still, she was bookin-it for a little old lady. Her hobbly-run almost looks like she’s trying to pole-vault with her big gnarled cane. Too funny.

(insert obligatory Orthanac throne shot here)


One thing that’s always struck me as weird is where Saeradan lives in Bree. Matter of fact, he’s always struck me as odd. Most of the Rangers live in out of the way places so as not to detect unwanted attention. Saeradan lives right by the Bree Festival grounds, a heavy place of traffic. And he’s always standing outside as if to say, ‘Hey, I’m here and want to be the center of attention’. He strikes me as egotistical and prone to temper flare ups, like, for instance, when I “lost” the pitchfork he’d given me. He yelled in disgust at me in front of everyone at the scout camp, including the visiting royalty! I wasn’t happy with his anger towards me so I slapped him.

Even Theodred commented, saying Saeradan wasn’t the reassuring type. Spot on, Theodred! He’s not! So when it was time for me to move on and I learned Saeradan was sad to see me go, I was taken aback. Given the way he barks orders and has little to no sense of compassion for me, I wasn’t expecting that. Made me feel bad for slapping him in front of everyone like that, especially since his parting words were so heartfelt. Oh wells. Such is the way in a war-mongering society. Subtle bits of human kindness are often skipped over for more pressing matters. If I see him again I’ll offer to let him slap me in front of everyone so we’ll be even. Or maybe I’ll yell at him for making me go kill stuff so he can sit there and sup with the others. Dunno.


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