LotRO: Rocking the Ranger Regalia


Ranger cosmetics

Total. Wootsauce!

There is SO much I want to blog about but it’s so late and I’m tired, it’s gonna have to wait. My new garb, however, simply could not wait! I am loving this outfit!!! I’ve certainly done my fair share of fist-shaking at the Rangers. Like, for instance, Candaith during the Retake Weathertop Epic book instance. (he gets a boo-boo and decides to “cover” the door while you go in and fight a gazillion mobs) Still, for all the jokes I’ve cracked at their expense (like, the Power Rangers of Evendim? HAHAHA) , Book 4 shows them in a whole new light. It was monotonous, expected, hilarious, thrilling (in a dangerous and OMG kind of way) and unexpected all rolled into one. And because of that, I’m going to wear my new clothes with pride, a pride gained from kinship, one not with blood but through blood. /Indeed!


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