Lotro: Captain Condi, the road undone

I’ve been playing Condi the last few days and have her half-way to level 70 currently. I hadn’t really done any of the new areas that came with RoI and after hearing so many complain about it, wasn’t looking forward to starting. I have to say, however, I’ve had a BLAST! I haven’t made it out of Dunland yet but I’m loving the stories lines and the quests don’t, overall, feel forced. That said, every where seems to want me to go and kill 10 rats or worms or … But it fits so well with the stories of the people. They’re preparing for war after all. Times are hard.

Right now I’m in Galtrev crafting to reclaim bag space. I had two or three stacks each of ore, hides and gnarled branches. I’m almost done and my bags have heaved a HUGE sigh of relief. I had to buy two more 10-slots of wardrobe space yesterday just to hold all the awesome cosmetics I’m getting from quest rewards. This stuff is BEAUTIFUL! That, however, got me thinking about my Turbine Point balance. I had enough for something small and, should the ahem … cough … need arise, a class horse from the store. I don’t now! I wish I’d done this last week when wardrobe space was on sale! Arg! I looked in her deed log to see if I had enough deeds left undone to start recouping a few of those points.


I’ve got undone deeds out the wahzoo! It’s actually rather embarrassing how many I haven’t finished. Her virtues aren’t bad. She has (slotted) rank 11 in Tolerance, Justice and Loyalty and rank 12 in Idealism and Determination. I don’t know that those are the virtues I really want slotted, but she certainly has put some work into them. It’s been a long time but I think those may have been her ‘healer’ virtues. Still, she’s rocking in Dunland and has only died when playing the part of the village idiot: standing in a heavy spawn spot to fight. Yeah, that doesn’t work so well …..

So far I’ve kept her in the Hall-Generals (Moria) gear as the quest reward stats, though nice and high in a stat or two, don’t cut it. I have replaced most of her jewelry (was wearing Mirk/Loth stuff) with quest rewards. She needs a lot of work still. Crazy amount of work! I need to work her deeds for better virtues. She has very little kindred rep. I still have a class deed that needs to be finished (using the Inspire skill) and the only Epic Volume she’s completed is Volume 1. Heh. Oh, and I discovered she’s no longer maxed with the Tailor’s Guild. I have a new bar to do for that.  It’s a good thing she’s so much fun to play as I have a lot of work to put into her!

One thing that’s struck me as super weird, though …. What’s up with all the soil being in backpacks/chests? I have a farmer so I can put it to good use, but … really?

Now to go clean out her vault and make room for her newly crafted mats. Oh joy.


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