Lotro: Dying to get undying!

Continuing on with my plan to get all my baby alts to level 21 I decided to work my Burglar up even though  said I wasn’t going to. Because Burgs aren’t fun. Found out I lied and they ARE fun! When I dinged lvl 17 I saw I still hadn’t died and knew then that this was going to be the character I’d get “Undying” on. See, I always lose that title at around 19 and a half. Once in a while at 17 but most of the time I’m half an experience bar to 20. Like, below.

Stealth fail

I don’t think I have another “Undying” in me. Nor do I care enough to roll a character JUST to try. I think. Dunno. Just stinks that I once again almost made it. This go round my stealth failed me and I aggro’d two trees and a butt-stabbing root. Had a spider on me as well thanks to running into it while running from the trees. Darn blind corners! What’s funny is that I was doing quests that were under my level thinking, ‘uh-huh, gonna take it easy and get that Undying!’

Oh wells.

Oh, and if anyone can tell me how to pronounce my name I’d be forever grateful. I let the random name generator name me and still don’t know how to say it.

Last OH! I just realized I’m only halfway to 19. Doesn’t lessen the suck-factor, but maybe I’ve broken my curse!


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  1. I’d pronounce it as Nee-kla

  2. Hi! You have no idea how I’ve been saying it, lol. Thanks! Oh, and I was in game while listening to CSTM the other night. Wasn’t ignoring you, was just having a devil of a time running into mobs while trying to ignore my son who was jabbering in the background the WHOLE time. He thinks podcasts are boring. 😦

    • lol…some day you’ll have to tell me how you were saying it. Aeronborn thinks its pronounced Nee-kla too. :o)

      Don’t worry…I didn’t think you were ignoring me. I was in game as well so after I said “hi” I didn’t pay much attention to chat.

  3. I stumble everytime I’ve tried to say it. I’ve been trying to pronounce both of the a’s and the ‘c’ as an s. Like Nee-kla so much better. Easy to say and has a punch!

  4. Burgs are always fun. Nothing but fun and don’t you forget it or you might find a dagger imbedded somewhere between your shoulder-blades.

  5. Oooh, my first threat! 😛 haha

    My first burg was painful. I didn’t work any deeds, I cherry-picked her quests and by the time I got her to 35 I was so frustrated with her that I deleted her. I should also add this was not long after SoA release and she was an alt that I didn’t play seriously. Nor understand really. My second burg was with a buddy and we only played them when we were both on. My buddy hated the burg class so we didn’t get very far with them. This go round I’m having a lot of fun with a burg, though. and want to work her up to level cap. Shocked at that notion but it’s in the plans now. 🙂

  6. Love your blog… I’d pronounce Neacla a bit different than Nee-kla… I agree with Eabha that the cee is a kay but I’d say the dipthong ea as ay-ah, not ee. Which would go Nay-uh-cluh with the u’s as in Up. I don’t have any Tolkein Lore to back it up! I’m just offering up how I’d say it. In the end I’d go with however you pronounce Frea and Freawine. Right or wrong I pronounce both of those as ay-uh. Take it easy!

  7. Thank you!

    Appreciate it. I like the simplicity of Nee-kla I think. Course, it makes me think ‘neeker’ where yours makes me think … hmm. Someone of higher standards than a neeker. Lol. Don’t think I’ll be letting the name-gen name another character!

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