LotRO: The Whithy gold experiement. Will she be able to afford crafted gear?

When Turbine announced it was putting stated armour in the store, the community errupted. Some of the comments I saw were, in short, saying this was working against ingame crafters. That struck me because I don’t see a lot of lower leveled gear on the Auction House. When I do see gear it’s usually so over priced it’s crazy. Who pays 400 silver for level 16 anything? If I were new and didn’t have high level alts with endless pockets, I wouldn’t be able to kit my character out in new gear. 400 silver for a low level earring is crazy high, especially when you think about how there are 7 jewelry slots and 6 equipment slots. If you can only afford one or two pieces of gear, what’s the point? A single piece of gear with the +34 morale isn’t going to do much at all to help you in a big fight. Overall, anyway.

Let’s say the going price for a piece of level 16 critted gear was 200 silver. Know how much it would cost to replace all of your gear? Over 2 (and a half) gold. I’m not counting “weapons” as I think most of the lvl 15 class quests grant a piece of gear, so I’m just going on 13 slots for gear. It’s insane, really. Do crafters not think about how hard it is to come by ingame monies when you’re new?

I had a conversation with someone last night about this. They say that having enough money at level 16 shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re doing as I normally do and not selling crafting mats/task turn-ins/gear to use for cosmetics/…. SO, I’ve started a brand new character and am working her up to level 20 (at least), taking note of what I spend my money on and what I’m not selling and doing this by area. She’s a female Warden and so far has finished Archet and Combe. I haven’t decided what I should try and sell on the Auction House to help pad my wallet for gear but if I do post any auctions they won’t be outrageous or overpriced. I just can’t do it. That said, I’m not sure what a good price on a stack of Tin Ore should be. In the past I’ve sold them for 50 silver …


Here’s how her wallet is looking so far (and why).

+++End of the starter instance: (Whithy ended as a level 6)

  • No repairs period
  • Only bought skills and gambits
  • Only killed what I needed (was a very populated starter zone … didn’t want to take mobs from others questing)
  • Sold everything I received/looted except for gear upgrades, potions and agility food

She ended the starter instance with 28 silver, 69 copper.

She was fortunate to get a couple of special loot drops and equipped them (they’re random):

  • Enduring leather shoes- 22 armour/ +2 will
  • Swift yew javelin- 11-19 common damage/ 6.0 dps


+++End of Archet (did all the quests in the zone): (Whithy ended as a level 8)

  • No repairs period
  • Only bought skills and gambits
  • Sold everything including crafting mats

She ended the Archet zone with 73 silver, 60 copper.


+++ End of Combe (did all the quests in the zone though still working the prologue): (Whithy ended as a level 12)

  • Decided to become an Explorer to collect mats (undecided on what I should try and sell on the AH)
  • Did repair crafting tools, did not repair any gear
  • Sold everything but ore/ingots/wood/hides/food/potions
  • Only bought skills and gambits
  • Did pay to slot a virtue

She ended the Combe zone with 167 silver, 9 copper.


So far she isn’t what I would call rich but with the quest gear rewards she’s doing just fine. She’s only come close to dying once thanks to a horrible pull and respawns before I could finish off my pull. That’s what makes me go in search of gear … dying when I feel I could have fought better with better gear. If that makes sense. She is a Warden so she’s just not having much trouble killing anything. When I get her to level 20 (21, actually) I’m going to roll another Lore-Master and repeat this to see what the comparisons are. Don’t know if this interests anyone other than me, but I find it intriguing.


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