LotRO: When a Captain is mistaken for a Burg

I, after going into an uncomfortable feeling of being overwhelmed with how far I’m behind given the news of a new level cap on the horizon, did the smart thing and decided to start getting my little alts up to level 20. Priorities and whatnot. Anyway, I started with Scriber and worked him up to level 21. He rocked the skirmishes with his herbalist and had a ball! What he didn’t like so much was getting stuck on Volume 1 Book 7, the one where you have to kill the creban at Frodo’s house in Crickhollow. There are two waves of birds that come, two birds in each wave. Every time he tried it the second bird in the first wave refused to fly down from the Old Forest. Talk about frustrating! I decided to tempt fate and try the same quest with my Captain on that account and she had no problems whatsoever. When Fredegar Bolger said, “Some flew off into the Old Forest”, I was quick to reply with, “Well, at least they flew this time!”

Speaking of my Captain (my little one) she’s had a quest for_EVER that I hadn’t gotten around to doing. It’s her level 15 quest. I loaded it into the quest track and set off to knock it out. Get this, not making this up.

You want me to talk to WHO?

Albra Lowbanks is the NPC Burglars go to see for their level 15 quest. NOT Captains. Yet, I have the level 15 Burg quest in my Captain’s log. (I crack myself up!) I went to her house near Beggar’s Ally and saw her ring but once I was in her house, she refused to speak to me. Wonder why? I went from there to the Bree Jail and talked to my Captain trainer who was gracious enough to give me the correct level 15 quest.  Since she was able to complete V1 Bk1 Ch7 I decided to finish all of the book. When I made it to Tom Bombadil and realized I was only a level 17, I had her rest long enough to get help.

They're mistaken for twins everywhere they go.

Big sister Condi came to her rescue and they knocked V1 Bk1 Ch11 out so fast it made my head spin. Woot! My Captain is now level 20 but I need to get her up one more level just so she can enter better lotteries on MyLotRO. Heh. As I said above, it’s all about priorities.


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