LotRO: Sometimes you can’t beat stupid

‘Cause if you could, I’d have already beaten it out of me!

Today has not been the greatest of days. It started out with lots of possibility. In my real-life I’m a homeschooling mom which affords the flexibility for our daughter to go with my husband on the road from time to time. They left last night which opened up a LOT of gaming time for me. I decided I’d get in as much LotRO as I could handle today and see what all I could knock out. In retrospect, I should have just knocked myself out.

I mentioned in my last post that I’m a LotRO packrat. I don’t get rid of much, especially crafting mats. That has a most direct consequence of  ‘no storage space left’ from time to time. Sensing that coming I decided to get my scholar out and work on her for a bit. I knew I had enough mats for Artisan and Master but I was stuck in Expert. UGH. Is that not the hardest scholar tier to finish? Ranni the Hunter was most helpful and bought enough dye mats on the AH to finish Expert for my scholar. I’m still not sure what happened next but I believe it was at this point I morphed into an extremely stupid person.

I pulled out my trusty calculator and found that I did NOT in fact have enough mats to finish Artisan scholar. So, I drug Ranni the Hunter out again and sent her back to the AH. Again, I bought dye mats. I’d tell you how much I spent on them but I’m afraid I’d cry again at the sight of that figure. Once my scholar had her petals and whatnot safely in her bags, I ran back to the crafting hall in Bree. That’s when it hit me, “HEY! I need a Superior Study!” so I ran to Esteldin. That’s not a mistype. I actually ran all the way to Esteldin on MY house because I didn’t have any of the stables along the way. Actually, I think I did take a stable horse to the farm in Bree. Anyhoo, once in Esteldin I ran around like a dolt looking for the Superior Study…

Thankfully, Dilligad was able to port my poor-dumb-scholar to Rivendell.

Excited (and a bit flustered) I set out making artisan level dyes. I think I’d cranked out two Burgundy pots when I noticed I wasn’t getting experience for them. At ALL! (have I told you sometimes I’m stupid?) I ran back over to the Expert Scholar NPC dude to get the crafting quest that would open up Artisan for me. Only, he didn’t have a quest. Neither did the little hobbit in the Mathom house. Which, by the way, is where I was when I FINISHED ARTISAN TIER SCHOLARING! Oh, and I finished it BEFORE I spent a butt-load of gold for a ton of artisan level dye mats.

I kid you not.

And just so you’re understanding the depths of my dorkiness, I finished Artisan today. After I finished Expert. How I managed to block that out of my memory banks I’ve no idea. I think it was the work of Saruman himself. He took over my mental facilities and made me spend all my gold buying things I DON’T FREAKING NEED! I’m positive it was his way of trying to stop me from questing my high levels. If I don’t’ quest because I’ve gone mad and deleted my entire hard drive in a futile attempt to save me from stupid, I’ll never reach him and therefore won’t be able to smote him out of existence, right?

Yes, I went there

Works for me.

Shamefully, the stupid didn’t end there. Oh no, when you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll.

I decided to screw scholaring and get Condi to make Ranni the Hunter new armour. I had the hides after all. Spent a fortune on the AH this morning. Shame I didn’t have the RIGHT hides, though. /Sigh. Currently Condi is out killing pigs and bears in Lothlorien because if we leave it up to Ranni the Hunter (I take no blame for any of this) she’ll never get new armour. Least, not armour for her level.

Anyone need onion skins?



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