LotRO: Be still my heart!

Riders of Rohan

So. We knew this was coming, right? Right. We knew mounted combat was in the works, right? Right again. So why am I so excited to see the media release that this is coming this year??? I DON’T KNOW! I JUST AM!!!  Actually, I’m beyond excited. I’m stoked!

But, wait. I haven’t even gotten a character to level 66 yet. I haven’t experienced the new that was Rise of Isengard and here I am dancing around and pretending to play mounted combat to kill the invisible orc in my living room on my invisible mount. I kid you not. My husband wasn’t impressed, either. I was thinking today, after reading about Riders of Rohan coming this fall, about all the work I need to put into my characters to make them ready. Here’s a running list of what I have currently.

  1. Ranni the Hunter- lvl 61, farting around with reputation atm.
  2. Condi, my Captain- lvl 65, currently guarding my mailbox at my home.
  3. Gasi, my Champion, lvl 21, stationed at the Bree town vault.
  4. Millee, my Minstrel, lvl 65, just made the trip to Landroval from Elendilmir, still haven’t put the points back into her weapon from the RoI release.
  5. Dilligad, my Hunter, lvl 65, only comes out to die with Ranni the Hunter when Ranni the Hunter is getting her butt kicked.
  6. Scriber, my Rune Keeper, lvl 17, currently stationed at his mailbox so he can send cute little mails out to random folks.
  7. What’s-her-name, my Lore-Master, lvl 16 only because I ran her through the Yule Festival quests. Haven’t actually ‘quested’ with her yet.
  8. I have a Guardian, too, don’t know the level, not even sure of her name. Probably a hobbit.

Oh, and I have a level 9 hobbit cook who’s a Burg but since I don’t really enjoy playing Burgs, she just cooks for Ranni the Hunter when I run out of food.

So, as you can see, NONE of my characters are ready for anything new. I want to play and level them all up, save for the Burg, but when I go in game (here lately) I run around collecting turn-ins for reputation. I created a kin for my characters, Barefoot Brigade, so I could eventually buy a kin house. I can do that in three weeks. SQUEE! I need it because I don’t sell/vendor a lot of stuff. I am a LotRO pack-rat. Condi and Millee aren’t in the kin (Scriber is lead and demands a keg of ale on joining. Condi thinks she should be allowed in purely on reputation and Millee just wants to scream at everyone.) I kind of want to put Condi in a real kin, one that’s active and chatty and friendly, so I can do more group stuff with her. Right now she’s not very useful to anyone but my alts because she’s a tailor. I need to work her. She is, after all, a Captain, and should be leading groups of free-folks into battle!

The uber-exciting news of the coming expansion has made me feel very unorganized and behind. Seriously behind. I need to start getting serious about leveling my guys (and gals) up, get their deeds and kit them out. Millee is my jeweler so between her and Condi, most of them should be taken care of now. Gasi is my metalsmith but he’s lazy. Poor Condi. I need to organize in real life better so I’ll have more game time. That’s a huge issue for me. I don’t know who to work first but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be hitting Sanur on Ranni the Hunter so I can get her Thorin’s Hall rep done and knock those deeds out. I mean, I started this a couple of weeks ago so I should go ahead and finish, right?

I really hope I can have my characters ready for Riders of Rohan by the time it releases. Wish me luck!


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  1. Stoked is the appropriate word to describe how I feek right now! =)
    And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to at least get one or two characters to level cap. If I may say so, your best bets are Condi, Millee and Dilligad. Captains, Hunters and Minis do extremely well in Dunland, and you should be able to get through the content without too much of a hassle. All the best leveling them up! Cheers

  2. Oh, cool. Had been hearing it was hard and people were dying a lot when questing there. Was going to start working Condi last night but wound up knocking out Thorin’s Hall rep on Ranni the Hunter. Moved on to Council of the North … less than 30K to go there. Blarg!

  3. So you’re the one that sent me that mail! I couldn’t figure out what it was and thought it was something from Turbine.

    I thought it’s way rad. Thanks!

  4. That was me. I’ve had a few ask if the mail came from Turbine so I’m trying to remember to add a bit under the poem to say I’m just a player trying to make folks smile.

    You’re welcome!

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