LotRO: Dying in the circle of death

The wind just scared the poop out of me and now, because my stomach is in knots and my heart’s all a flutter, I can’t sleep. So I figured I’d regale you with a tale of convenient  death. Starring, of course, Ranni the Hunter.

Once Ranni the Hunter had done every single quest available in Lothlorien proper I decided to kill off the location deeds in that part of the world. Once I’d finished those, and the dreaded Flet-runner deed, I got to looking through the oh-so-many undone deeds and noticed I had a lot of location deeds in Moria, ranging from barely started to almost finished. I set off to knock those out and, thanks to my handy-dandy hunter’s port to the Twenty-First Hall, spent a lot of coin porting back and to take a stable horse here and there to lazily finish all the Moria location deeds. I didn’t have too much trouble thanks to the maps at ruslotro but when doing the Redhorn Lodes, remembered that every character I’ve completed that deed on has died. In the same spot. I was determined not to repeat that fate with Ranni the Hunter.

I get the location for Budkhel-beken last because it’s the most difficult to get to. You have to run to Nud-Melek, find your way around and back over to the Redhorn Lodes via a passage near the bottom left on the Nud-Melek map (top right for the Redhorn Lodes map) and do a hail mary run through quite a few menacing orcs to get the location. Normally once I’ve got it I keep going and jump off the ledge to break the aggro. That’s what kills me every time and I land, dead (unhappy just doesn’t do it justice), in the rez circle. Every. Single. Time. This time, however, I was going to turn and go back the way I’d come because Ranni the Hunter was NOT going to die.

I *always* finish and die in this very spot!

She was so excited at getting the last location she forgot all about turning and going back the way she’d come. She flew right over the ledge and it wasn’t until I was kneeling in the gray that I remembered my oh-so-smart plan. Oops. I killed her again today, several times, trying to get the last three Garth Argawen location deeds. I even brought in Dilligad, my 65 hunter, but they couldn’t take the gate guarding twins down. Bummer. None of their crowd controlling skills worked on the twins so I decided instead of trying to kill the healer first I’d have them each take one so Dilligad wouldn’t have aggro from both. That worked far less than them both pew-pewing the idiot healer twin. Oh wells. If my son gets his champ over to Landroval like he says he’s gonna, I’ll bribe him into getting the gate and the red maid’s place for me. His champ is awesome sauce! I did manage Ivar’s location on my own but not without dying on the signature weight that spawns a couple of full healing buddies the first go round. Death, death and more death has been Ranni the Hunter’s legacy of late.

Starting to wish I’d made Dilligad a tank.


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