LotRO: And there be SUNLIGHT!

As happy as Ranni the Hunter was to start Moria, she found herself a bit depressed after working quests in the 21st Hall and decided to make the trek to the First Hall and see what was on the other side of the mountain. The latest episode of SQPN: Secrets of Middle Earth talked about a big dwarf statue by the Mirrormere where Durin the Deathless saw stars in the pool. I’d never really paid attention to the statue and had no idea it was a lore hook, nor had I ever noticed the stars in the  Mirrormere. I decided to make sure I took it all in this time.

Durin's Stone (?)

I found the statue easy enough and realized I’d never really “looked” at it before. I stared at the long thickly braided beard for a while, wondering what else I’ve missed during my travels through Middle Earth. I turned to see the stars of Durin’s crown, my heart beating a little bit harder with excitement, and saw this.

Where is the Mirrormere?

I know I’ve seen the Mirrormere before, even if I hadn’t ever taken notice of the stars. I could NOT get the textures to load yesterday, however. I went far and wide, hoping it was just a minor goof/glitch, only to come back, wait and still see a sea of white. Even a trip into Moria and back out didn’t load the textures for me. This made me so sad I ran to the forest of yellow trees and was instantly shot to death by hidden masked elves!

Kidding. I didn’t do that. I earned my way into that forest! As I lit lanterns, scolded drunken elves and picked flowers I decided I need to go back through the SQPN: Secrets of Middle Earth podcast from the beginning (if I can get the first few episodes) and travel through the areas ‘with them’ as they discuss the lore of Middle Earth. Sometimes LotRO is just a game in my head and I forget there’s a vast and rich history on which they painted the canvass we call LotRO. My oldest and I were talking about the game the other day. I pre-ordered SoA for him and got him in the open beta with me years ago. When I first suggested it to him he scoffed saying he was still hooked on Lineage ll, a game I’d beta tested and then once it released, gave him my account. I made him sit down with me as I played a bit of LotRO and it didn’t take long at all before he was promising this or that if I’d get him in and get him a lifetime account. He hasn’t played in a year or so as he tired of the game and wanted ‘new’. We talked about how there are so many awesome games out now but there’s something missing in most of them, something we wouldn’t have realized existed if we’d never tried LotRO. Neither of us can put our finger on it … how’s that for irony? But we know it’s here in LotRO and not there in other games we’ve played. We’re fully aware that LotRO isn’t perfect. But it’s beautiful, full of history we find intriguing and just feels like home.

In other news, I believe I’ve found the very first Orkin man.

My dearest Flik, MUST you kill every bug you see?

Flik is a lost dwarf in the Silvertine Lodes and requires a rescue. I believe he’s sworn an oath on Durin’s Beard to kill every single bug he sees. Also, it wasn’t until I looked at this screenshot that I realized Ranni the Hunter was mucking up her party attire by questing in the mines. I’ve scolded her and she’s since switched back to her ‘kill-suit’. Silly hunter. I bet she’s going to have to pay more than a handful of coins to get the bug guts out of her pretty dress!


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  1. I’m a “hater” of WoW so I’m rellay glad you got more into LotRO as the entry went on. I have a Founders account with lifetime membership cause I liked the game A LOT while playing the beta. I recently picked it up again and was playing to save up for a hobbit hole prior to Mass Effect and Rock Band coming out. The game also got me reading the Hobbit, and the trilogy books. What can I say? I love it so.

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