Making the ‘grind’ less grindy

So many games have crazy grindy components and while I’ll be one of the first to agree that we do need the grind, sometimes I want to dig a hole and bury the grind. Under a massive pile of orc bodies no less. Take LotRO, for instance. Deeds, at higher levels, are very grindy. Sometimes I just can’t help but detest doing them, though do them I do. One of the very best ways to make them feel less-grindy and get them done quickly is to do them in a full 6-man fellowship. The Angmar worm deed goes super fast that way! When I was kin leader we had weekly deed nights where we’d group up and go knock out the higher level deeds. Worked like a charm, was fast and fun doing this with friends. I don’t always have access to a full fellowship anymore, however, so I turn to something else to help pass the time when deeding.  I listen to podcasts now when I’m facing big grinds and, when you’re listening to one you enjoy, the deeds become background noise, so to speak, and before you know it you’re done. I thought I’d list my favorite go-to podcasts, some of them LotRO specific, some of them not. Matter of fact, a few have nothing to do with games period.

Here goes (in alphabetical order):

A Casual Stroll to Mordor – A LotRO weekly news and what’s happening podcast put out by married couple Goldenstar and Merric. The adorable Baby Hobbit guest stars from time to time. Fun and informative!

Guild Wars Reporter – A GW/GW2 bi-weekly podcast by the awesome CeleOOKIE and Chris from the MMO Reporter network. Want the latest news on GW2? They’ve got you covered!

LotRO Academy – Brannick, Mysteri and Krorain do a wonderful job explaining the many facets of LotRO from a beginners point of view. I’m a 5 year vet and I’ve learned a few things myself!

LotRO Reporter – Another podcast from the MMO Reporter network, featuring Chris and Bill (and sometimes Josh from Sally Forth) as they talk about news and what’s happening with LotRO. Fun and informative!

Star Trek: Defiant– Pendant Productions full-cast dramatization of a fan written Star Trek show. They have been working on ‘Defiant’ for years, even before they started the podcast, and the dedication and love for the story really shows. Awesome listen!

Star Trek: Outpost– This full-cast dramatization is my favorite of the Trek podcasts. I would cry if they discontinued doing these.

SQPN: Secrets of Middle-Earth– Father Roderick and his friends do an absolute fantabulous job with this podcast. They go ingame (LotRO) and find interesting points to talk about, going in-depth on the history and lore of Middle-Earth. Listening to this podcast, and then retelling some of the bits and pieces I’ve learned from it to my husband, has wowed him. I’ve taught him a few things and he’s the one who’s read Tolkien since he was little! Very fun and uber informative!

We’re Alive: A “Zombie” story of survival– Ok. This is my all-time favorite podcast ever! It’s a full-cast dramatization, superbly done and even though it’s a ‘zombie’ story, the story itself focuses on the characters survival stories. This podcast has made me laugh, made me cry and makes me want to hear more every single time! I hate having to wait even a week for a new episode and have relistened to all the released episodes at least twice. I’m currently listening through again. I do not like zombie stuff but I love this podcast!

There are others that I listen to but because I haven’t yet added them to Google Reader (that’s how I listen to podcasts) I forget about them. It’s not that THEY are forgettable. Truly aren’t. I’m just an idiot and accidentally deleted my podcast folder from my bookmarks so I sometimes have to stop and think, ‘what am I missing’, before I remember. I’m about to start a couple of new (to me) ones, one being “The Kingery” from Pendant Productions (they also do Defiant, in the above list) and “Starship Excelsior“.  I’ve also got “Star Trek: The Section 31 Files” in my list of ones to try out. As you can see, I’m a huge Trek fan. If Star Wars is more your thing, I’ve seen lots of Star Wars podcasts out there. Assuming they are also full-cast dramatizations like “We’re Alive”, “Defiant” and “Outpost” in the above list. I love listening to those types of podcasts!

I don’t know how I could handle game grind without listening to podcasts now. The only downside is that I can’t listen to podcasts unless I’m in game doing something grindy. How’s that for irony? I hear them but I don’t ‘absorb’ them unless I’m killing stuff in a game. Heh. What do you do to conquer the grindy aspects of the games you play? Any good podcasts you listen to? Always looking for new ones so let me know if you have one I didn’t list.

Spellcheck absolutely hates this post. On that note, is “fantabulous” not a word? If not, it should be.


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