LotRO: Ouch! Looks like it hurts.

Lore-Masters have such dangerous jobs as they traverse Middle Earth, scorching evil traces into oblivion, and sometimes that job can result in injury. I’ve yet to injury mine in a way that required her hand to be flipped around backwards, though, as in the above screen shot! Looks very painful. How can she thumb through her lore books with her thumb being on the outside of her hand? That must be difficult. Wouldn’t you think? I’d hate to flip to a ‘be kind to rabbits’ spell when in the midst of a fight with Sauron because my pinky doesn’t work as well as my thumb! Could be deadly!

Much like the food eating contest in Frostbluff. Running it too many times in a row is very very bad for your health. And my nerves. I’ve finished all festival activities on my main account and of the four I have on my second account, two are completely done. A third just needs to finish his petals/rotten fruit deeds and a fourth is halfway to having 30 quests done so I’ll have the poor tunic on that account as well. Which leads me to ponder, why on earth did I think I needed both sets of reward clothes on each account??

And why, oh WHY did I start the food eating challenge on that last toon? I can’t leave it undone, you see, so that means 12 more runs of stuffing my face with berries, mushrooms and mystery drinks. Blarg! I have resisted doing the snowball fights on everyone but Ranni the Hunter as I didn’t want unfinished deeds in my log, nor did I want to do the deed on every toon.  What’s most ironic is that I never really wear the poor reward tunic but I like having options and since there’s  a dwarf on my second account, he must have the option of wearing the tunic. Beginning to think it takes a special kind of crazy to think this way.

Maybe if I switch my glove around backwards so that it looks like my thumb is on the outside of my hand, I’ll garner sympathy and everyone will let me go first. And alone. So I can finish the 12 runs as quickly as possible. Think that’ll work? Yeah, me either. Probably wouldn’t stop me being pelted with snowballs and rotten fruit either.

Oh wells.


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