Feeling a sense of loss?

I am. Loss of community. This happens, I think, when big releases hit and people flock to the new game to try it out, many staying for long periods of time. We’re not easily satisfied, are we? Always needing something ‘new’ to curb our appetite for change? It seems a ton of folks have moved over to SW:TOR. It was easy to see that would happen but what’s getting me with this game’s release is what happened when Rift released. I knew lots would leave to try Rift and I also knew, from past experience, they’d come back to LotRO once the newness wore off. Thing is, most of my friends didn’t come back. I’ve heard some grew tired of Rift and I’d bet they’re playing SW:TOR now, but they didn’t come back to LotRO like I’d assumed they would.

LotRO has been out almost five years and while I’m still excited to play, there are times when I want to see something ‘new’ as well. I didn’t even look at SW:TOR because I knew we couldn’t afford a monthly subscription right now. I have two lifetime accounts for LotRO so other than the occasional points purchase, I play for free now. Knowing we can’t afford a monthly sub or lots of cash shop purchases, there are lots of games I won’t even look at because I know I’ll want to play them. A one time purchase, such as with a console game, can be worked into the budget much easier. Anyway, my point here is that I made a conscience choice not to even give a look in the direction of SW:TOR. And I’m ok with that.

Still, I’m feeling a bit of loss of community. Such is the nature of an MMO, always changing in some way or other and I know it’ll pass. In the meantime I’m going to fire up some podcasts (I currently have 15 waiting to be listened to as I’m a bit behind) and jump in game to pass the time. Not sure if I’ll hit Moria on Ranni the Hunter, try the new (ROI) areas with my captain or finish up the food eating Frostbluff deeds on my alts, but I know once I’m in I’ll have fun.


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  1. I understand how you feel there. Most of my LOTRO buddies have moved on to SWTOR, but the thing is they did mention that they will not be moving back to LOTRO. Factors cited included the disappointment in the direction that WB and Turbine are heading with the LOTRO Store, and that the RoI expansion wasn’t worth the money. Sigh. And with Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World inching closer to release, I foresee a huge drop in the LOTRO community. I will be staying of course, as I’m fairly new and will stay with LOTRO until the day we head to Mordor. Cheers.

  2. I understand what they’re saying. I remember Turbine before WB came in and it certainly felt like a different Turbine. I have issues with them now but I still love the game and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Just sad to see people leave and not come back. Before Rift folks would leave the game but they always came back so it’s really struck me in the last year or so that sometimes, folks really are tired of it enough to give up on LotRO. Still, new people are coming into the game and I *LOVE* seeing how awestruck they are with what I consider my ‘home’ game.

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