War in the North: (my) Tharzog strategy

This is what worked for me. I played solo on the Lore-Master, Andriel, with the Champion (Farin) and Ranger (Eradan) being AI controlled. When we entered the Citadel area I repaired armour and weapons there in the entrance before heading down the walkway. I had in my inventory a total of 15 power potions, three hero potions, four restoration potions and one strength potion. I also had an assortment of cakes but I didn’t find them as useful as I tend to pot up when in dire need.

Oh. Stat points. Everytime I level I try and put one point each on (forget what they’re called) will, ranged attack and health. I think a couple of times it added two points instead of one to this or that one and I let it sit. My racial points went mostly into the protecting orb and the skill that sends your targets flying.

Hero pots last for 2 minutes and bump your damage output to 1000. This rocks! I used both a hero potion and strength potion to start the fight. I pretty much stuck to standing in front of one of the gates to fight, long-range firing on Tharzog. When his attention would turn towards me, I rolled and rolled until I no longer has his aggro. Sometimes this is achieved better by rolling through the fighting. When the Champion or Ranger would die, I’d roll through all the adds and by the boss to catch their attention, giving the other character a better chance to rezz the fallen one. Make sure your health is up before doing this, however, as rolling by the boss can get you a whack or two. When I’d run out of power (the ranged attack eats it up) I’d go into my inventory and refill it with the power potions. Although I only wanted to attack Tharzog, the adds inevitably got into my line of fire from time to time. If I couldn’t roll their aggro away, I went ahead and killed them. I think I only had to kill two adds before taking Tharzog down.  If I could ignore the adds whacking on me, I did so.

When I’d beaten the first boss instance I had used up all of my hero potions, my strength potion, three of my restoration potions and around six or seven power potions. I didn’t use any special skills outside of ranged attack though I did try and get the orb of protection off. It didn’t trigger for me, however, and I didn’t have time to sit and try to get it to fire off.

Would love to hear your strategies for beating the first boss encounter!


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