LotRO: Property guards ready to fight my horseless shadow!

I’ve finally found time (er, well, I’ve actually said ‘screw it’ and jumped in game) to run the Yule Festival quests on Ranni the Hunter! She’s finished helping the rich folk and is currently sporting the top hat and fancy dress to show her ‘Miser’ status. Proudly. Because I really like the dress! I’ve gotten Gasi started on his way to help the poor but it’ll take him another day or so to work his way through that line. My days have been super hectic of late so I’ve been doing this in the evenings. Last night as I went to log out I opened the store by mistake and saw something that caught my eye. Seems they’re selling “property guards” in the store. Intrigued, I set out to find a picture of a guard in game to see if I’d be interested in getting one myself. It finally hit me to search the forums today and I found a picture of all of them.

Asleep on the job

The male hobbit property guard is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a LONG time! Ranni the Hunter has a house in the Shire Homestead that comes complete with a fishing pier and stream. It took me exactly a half a split second to decide that she had to have a sleeping guard to ‘guard’ her little hobbit hole. Problem was, she’s a miser and doesn’t have many Turbine Points. After thinking and then feeling sorry for myself for not having received any Turbine Point cards for Christmas, I remembered my second account. I rarely use the points on that account so Dilligad was able to gift Ranni the Hunter (by placing it in her yard) a sleepy little hobbit guard! It technically belongs to Dilligad but that’s ok. She’s promised to never yank it out of Ranni the Hunter’s yard as long as Ranni the Hunter promises to never make fun of her for wearing her white trousers after Labor Day. Again.


Big Axe!

Dilligad, because she has a lot of Turbine Points, also gifted Scriber a Dwarf property guard. The really super neat thing about the dwarf guards is that every time you unslot it and then reslot it to the small yard hook, he changes appearance. I think I saw four or five different appearances before settling on this look. His left arm swings a little bit, too. I was hoping to find an old white-haired dwarf but unless I was impatient, I don’t believe there is one.

Really love the look of this one

The last one Dilligad bought was this female elven property guard. For no other reason than I really love the look of her. That bow is awesome and looks fierce, she’s pretty and, well, I wanted an elf on duty in my hobbit hood. She moves a little as well, looking left and then straight again. I was tempted to buy them all but I only have a little over 5K points left on that account and may want to spend them on a horse or something one day. So I stopped at the three. If they ever go on sale I may get the others and fill one of my yards with them!

I wanted to get Condi a festival horse tonight so I set off to trade some of her Inn League tokens in for Yule Festival ones. (Why I went to Thorin’s Hall to do this I don’t know. I won’t tell you that I went to the stable master in Michel Delving to travel to Thorin’s Hall to get to the Bird and Baby. I’m just going to pretend that never happened.) Anyway, while Condi was running around Thorin’s Hall trying to figure out why on earth she was there, I noticed her shadow.

The horseless rider shadow

Is it always like this and I’m just a dolt for not noticing before or is this just a random goof? I’ve asked each of my property guards to be on the lookout for a shadow of a horse and, if they see one, to detain it until Condi can come and retrieve it. The dwarf has threatened to slash such an evil apparition from existence so we’ll see how well that works out.


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