War in the North: I’m nothing if not persistant

My husband whipped out our credit card and plunked down for an Xbox360 for me for Christmas. Ok, he may have said “us” but he doesn’t game much. So a loose translation of “me” fits well. He also got me Lord of the Rings: War in the North, a game I’ve been wanting for, OMG, I want to say a year but I don’t remember exactly when I first heard of it. It’s been a very long time, though, and I could not be more stoked!! He brought these home last Friday but it wasn’t until Monday night that I had my first chance to play. I worked my way up to level 7 and went against the first boss. After more than an hour, I gave up, figuring I was doing something wrong. Very wrong.

Today I deleted my saved files and started fresh after watching one of my sons beat the boss. It took him over two hours but then his very first encounter with the game was on Tharzog. So all in all, he did pretty darn good. It also showed me one of the things I was doing wrong. Ready for this? Have I ever told you I can be a complete and utter dolt before? No, well, I’ll prove it to you.

You can freaking “roll” to dodge attacks!

See, sometimes it’s the little things that escape me. He also showed me how to craft. I already knew the process but I was giving up on finding compatible items too soon. To be honest, staring at an inventory screen wasn’t on my list of top things to do. I wanted to run around! I wanted to kill things! I wanted VICTORY!! Who knew I’d achieve it by playing the part of the ‘roly-poly Lore-Master’?

When I started over I did the side quests in Bree, ones I hadn’t done my first go round. Again, I was too eager to get out and see the world my first run. I won a ton of coin from solving riddles, played match-maker, agreed to be a weapons smuggler and pranced around for Barliman at the Prancing Pony. Ok, I lie. I’m playing an Elf and we all know Elves are too snooty to prance around for the likes of a bar-keep!

I enjoyed fighting my way through Fornost. I never thought I’d say that as Fornost in LotRO gives me headaches. In this game, it was the first boss, Tharzog that gave me fits. Even after I learned to roll. And use Hero potions. I will not tell you that it took me almost three hours to kill him and his merry men. I will tell you I took stress breaks, though. Laundry, dishes, taking the dogs out, feeding the pets, …. I had to stop for a bit every now and then as I was getting SO FREAKING CLOSE and then dying. If you’ve played the game, remember how much space is between the T and h in the bosses name? That’s how much red the boss had left when I’d die. Repeatedly! I bet my neighbors heard me the first few times. Here, I have a picture.

Click to enlarge

That space between the T and h. That’s how much red. It’s a wonder I have hair left! Oh, and pardon my crappy pictures. My television is up high on a wall and I was sitting on the couch when I took my ‘screenshots’.  Anyway, I was right about at the three hour mark when I decided I’d only try it one more time tonight. I was going to turn it off and go to bed, defeated. Dreaming of my red-filled screen proclaiming me dead. Again. And again. But this time I beat that sucker and when I did, I scared the pure crap outta my dogs! WOOT!

A little chit chat on what to do next

Isn’t that such an awesome screenie? I made it past Tharzog! I was hoping the game would let me chop his head off and put it in my backpack but no such luck. I could have used it to mix my potions in.  Oh wells. Currently I’m somewhere in the Barrows-Down about to fight a bunch of nasty wights. I’m making sure to look for piles to loot and flowers to gather as I go, as well as those rock thingies to swipe open with my staff. I’m hoping that if we get a second controller I can have someone multi-play with me. That would have helped a TON against the first boss. My son beat him with the Ranger and said it wouldn’t be possible to solo him on either character BUT the Ranger. I did it on the Lore-Master. If each boss is harder than the previous one, I may not beat this game until this time next year. But I do love a challenge. And I’m really loving this game!

And now, I must go to bed. I’m wiped.


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  1. Don’t feel bad. I didn’t figure out how to roll/dodge until Mirkwood. So all through Fornost and the Barrow-Downs and Mount Gundabad, I just stood there and took the beating! 🙂

  2. Thank you! Glad to know I’m not the only one, lol. BUT, if you just stood there and took the beating from Tharzog, I’m bowing to you. Jealous!

  3. Yes, Eradan took quite a beating from Tharzog. After the third or fourth “You Are Dead,” I went online and saw that the secret was to not engage Tharzog’s minions and focus all of my attacks on Tharzog himself since the minions would respawn.

    The next time, I did a “hit and fade” style of attack — I’d run in, make two or three swings at Tharzog, and then run back out. It didn’t quite work; I came close to beat Tharzog, but he and his minions overwhelmed the party. The time after that, though, I got Tharzog.

    Right now I’m in the Grey Mountains, and I’ve spent the last hour trying to beat the level boss, the Carn Dum Captain. I’ve been getting him down to about twenty percent, and just when I think we’re going to make it, we all end up dead. I’m using ranged attacks when I can — they do more damage than I can even dual-wielding melee — but the Captain is a teleporter, and he hurls fire balls.

    I’ll give the boss another go (or five) tomorrow. 🙂

    If you’re still near the beginning, there are some cool things coming up for you. I admit, I’ve been taking the game slow because I’ve been a bit of a tourist; I like to stop and just look at the scenery, like the giant statue at Sarn Ford. (I did much the same in Lord of the Rings: The Third Age; the game itself was terrible, but there were some amazing visuals to experience.)

  4. Sooo sorry for not replying sooner! (if you even see this) I haven’t played any since I posted this. Been a crazy month! I *think* I’ll have time next week for some good long WitN sessions. Been dying to play and see what’s next. Still in the Barrows on my LM.

    It’s a beautiful world. I love looking around and seeing as much as I can, too. 🙂 If you do see this, how far in the game are you now?

  5. I haven’t progressed much further than the last message, sadly. As you say, it’s been a month. 🙂

    I did beat the Carn Dum Captain eventually, but I think it was more luck than anything. (I managed to get a lock on him, and then had Beleram come in and do a lot of damage. But that’s luck, too, because the Captain can teleport away by the time Beleram arrives.)

    After that, you return to the Dwarven city of Nordinbad. The first time you visit Nordinbad, it’s a location like Bree or Sarn Ford — it’s a place where you can repair your gear, buy new stuff, that sort of thing. The second time you reach Nordinbad, it’s under attack, and I’ve been getting stomped pretty hard.

    Once I finish Nordinbad, the next stage is Carn Dum, and that ends the game.

    Last weekend, I restarted the game and created a new save, and I played through Fornost again, except that I can’t beat Tharzog at all this time. 🙂

  6. Ohh, I started a ‘how I did it’ kind of guide (using the term loosely) on beating Tharzog. Can’t find it so I must not have posted it. Think maybe I was needing the name of a skill and put it in drafts until i remembered. Will get that up tomorrow.

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