LotRO: No tasks on the task board

Ranni the Hunter has been busy the last few days. Thanks to the help from Dilligas-1, my Hunter on my second account, she’s finished up all of Volume 1 of the Epic books. Woot! They make a pretty darn good team, especially nice when I can start bosses off with two heart seekers. I won’t lie, though. I kept Ranni on follow to Dilligas and she only helped some rather than do the majority of the fighting.

Team Barefoot

Once the book was done Dilligas gave her a lift to Echad Dunnan where she earned her port to Eregion. That was exciting! I decided then to go ahead and quest Eregion before deciding if she’d start Moria or finish deeding slayer and location deeds for SoA. Currently Ranni the Hunter has worked her way to Echad Dunnan, at least a third of the way through the quests there. Since she’s made it to level 54 there isn’t a single task board with turn ins for her. Kind of funny but then she started the area way late. Oh wells. At least it’s fun. I really want the task cloak as I’ve never earned one before so I think I may start Moria with her soon and see if there are any there. I’m thinking there aren’t but hoping I’m remembering wrong.

Condi, my Captain, has been hitting the chest in the basement of the Haunted Burrow since they’ve turned that back on for a few. I was about to log her out after checking the chest when I noticed she had an item in her inventory for a quest. I thought it was odd and clicked the icon.

WOOT Sauce!

Dilligas-1 is the only character I have that’s won the Skeleton horse before and it wasn’t until I had her transferred to Landroval that I even remembered she had the horse. So now I have one on each account. ‘Twas a very nice surprise indeed! I don’t think I ever finished Enedwaith on Dilligas but for now I’m planning to run Condi and Dilligas together on the new content. Just as soon as I can put Ranni the Hunter down for a bit. She may not be the most awesome Hunter but she’s fun to play and, well, she’s Ranni.


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  1. Hey there Bard,

    Don’t know if you use plugins at all, but I would definitely recommend two that accomplish the same thing – task completion. These two are ‘Busy Bee’ and ‘Daily Task’. I’m partial to Daily Task since it not only tells you what is junk and what/where to turn in completed tasks – but also what items that you’ve out-leveled that your other characters can use. I’ve never had trouble reaching the task deed milestones using these plugins. Although some of your toons may already be too high to make the mark, this should help for those up-and-coming toons you may have.

    Good luck and happy tasking!

    Tomeoric, Guardian on the Riddermark
    The Westfold Marshals

  2. I knew about Busy Bee and i like it but I’ve been wishing it would tell me if I’ve over-leveled this or that. Will grab Daily Task. Sounds awesome. Thanks!

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