LotRO: Why I’m grateful for Landroval

  • I’ve had this in my drafts for a month or so now and had forgotten about it. Can’t get the spaces inbetween the paragraphs to show the way I originally typed it up. Sorry. Anyway, figured I’d post it now since Thanksgiving (I live in the US) is tomorrow.
  • The community is not only welcoming, they are flat encouraging.
  • Someone is always throwing an event.
  • The role-players. I may not rp myself but seeing so many out and about while rp’ing makes me enjoy my game time so much more.
  • People talk to each other far more than talking at or, as the case on some servers I’ve played on, screaming wordy-durds at each other.
  • I’ve only had one experience with someone trying to take my mob. That’s something. (once more since writing this post a month ago. how’s that for awesome!)
  • I’ve seen people form lines rather than mob a quest trying to get it done. A lot.
  • I’ve had strangers help out when they saw I was in trouble.
  • No one has told me how ugly Gasi Stynkrbottom is. Heh.
  • There’s a sense of camaraderie on this server that I haven’t seen in a long time. Feels good.

I don’t think I’ve quested or deeded anywhere yet that there wasn’t at least two or three others in the area. I once quested across the Lonelands without seeing anyone on another server. Never realized just how lonely that was until I realized I’d yet to see that here on Landroval. I’ve run into situations while deeding where there was someone else doing the exact same deed. It wasn’t a problem. Neither of us really wanted to group so we shared the area. He went one way, I the other and when we’d meet up in the middle, we’d turn and go back to our area. Once, on Windfola, I was doing the wolf (or is it warg) deed for the Trollshaws. I’d been running the path to the big warg for the better part of an hour when this dwarf showed up and told me to leave, that the wolves were his. For a bit, everytime a new one would pop up he was stuck in chat (yelling at me, no less) and couldn’t attack it before I could. I was on an alt so when he asked me my kin leaders name so he could report me, I gave it to him. Slowly.


He thanked me and told me I was about to be in a world of trouble. And, just so you know, Ranni was the kin leader. I didn’t lie to him. I just didn’t tell him I was Ranni. And, yes. He sent Ranni a mail demanding I kick my alt from the kin. Anyway, I’m not going to say there aren’t griefers or trouble makers on Landroval. I’m just saying I’ve yet to see any. People have treated me so nicely I sometimes have to catch myself from running to grab a mob before someone else can get there. Or stuff like that. It’s a weird feeling not having to “fight” with other players to get my quests done but it’s a feeling I really like!

I wanted to ‘pay it forward’ so today I logged into Elendilmir, Crickhollow and Windfola. I sold off all my crafting mats on those servers and was able to run around donating over 50 gold to random folks or groups. I tried to go with low or new folks, or as with the kins, groups I knew of because they do things for the community. I gave everything I had to my old kin on Big E because I feel bad for coming back only to switch servers on them. I miss them and wish they were on Landroval! They’re a great group of casual players, friendly and helpful to the core. They’d be a great fit for Landroval! Landy is a feel-good server that’s fun and I’m excited to log in everytime. Always something and someone to see as I quest my way across Middle Earth.


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  1. Of course the spaces showed just fine once I hit publish. Not going to edit my lead-in as I’m afraid they’ll disappear again.

  2. Vilya is not bad….all the kins here are active and people here are very friendly too… 🙂

  3. I’ve never played on Vilya much at all but I think there’s a lot of good on each of the servers. Landroval is just so different from the servers I’ve played on before, it’s like a brand new experience for me.

    I had some friends switch to Vilya from Windfola years ago. They sure seemed to love it there. 🙂

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