LotRO: This is just too hard

… for Ranni the Hunter, anyway. The other day someone asked me who my main was and when I told them Ranni the Hunter, they said they’d thought it was my Lore-Master. Or something like that. Normally Ranni IS a Lore-Master. I adore the LM class and my second main is Condi, my captain. On Landroval, however, I rolled a hunter thinking I wouldn’t be staying and, so, gave her Ranni’s name. Ranni the Hunter is such a disgrace to the ‘Ranni’ name! I was struggling through Volume 1 Book 13 the other day when my Captain, Condi, finally made it to Landroval. (WOOT!) Condi is a tailor maxed through Supreme and Ranni the Stupid Hunter was still wearing her Fem armour set. Condi went to work and made her a fully critted level 51 set of armour causing her to totally ROCK her way through V1 Bk 13. With ease!

This inflated her confidence and she talked me into continuing with V1 Bk 14.

Ho_lee COW!

I’m stuck. I’m trying my dead level best to get Laeradan’s breastplate for Golodir and finding myself here every_single_time.

I’ve spent myself out buying warding/battle lores, potions, hope tokens, fire oil, … off the AH. I’ve upgraded my jewelry as much as I can afford. I have brand new armour! Yet I still can’t take the boss down. I can get him down as low as 2k but that’s as far as I can survive as by that point, there are 3-4 adds on me as well. The adds won’t stay in my triple traps longer than a couple of seconds.

Here’s my trait set up:

  • Charity, r6
  • Loyalty, r7
  • Determination, r7
  • Idealism, r8
  • Innocence, r6

Class traits are: Fast Draw, Barbed Fury, Strong Draw, Swift & True and Swift Shot. Legendary traits are: Rain of Thorns and Bard’s Arrow.

I’m asking for help. What am I doing wrong? Should my virtues be higher? Different? Do I just stink at the Hunter class? I’ve done all these quests on Lore-Masters, Captains, another Hunter, a Minstrel, … I honestly don’t remember having problems like this on any other character. I put in for Dilligas, my 65 Hunter on my second account, to be transferred to Landroval. There’s a problem as currently, Turbine doesn’t think I own her. (don’t understand that … very frustrating!) If she ever gets to Landroval I can team her up with Ranni the Hunter and do this easy enough but that blows, knowing I can’t do it alone like I’ve done so many times before. The gold I’ve spent trying to do this one is phenomenal! Condi brought critted racks of lamb with her and disease pots as well. Next time I give this a go, I’ll grab some of those for Ranni the Hunter. It’s the only other thing I could use that I’m not currently using. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate hearing them!


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  1. Is that the quest where you fight the wights in the cave in Imlad Balchorth? If it is, when one add pops up you need to switch to kill it. The boss uses the adds to restore his morale, I believe (I know he does something along those lines). You can also get someone to help you, unless they made it solo-only; it’s been a while since I ran it.

  2. That’s the one. Back before you could solo the epics we always left a couple of the adds to keep him from constantly spawning more. That’s certainly not working now, nor will they stay trapped. I’ve been ignoring them because that’s how I’ve always done it. Will try killing them off next time and see if that makes it easier. Thanks. 🙂

    • Back when the quest was new-ish, and I was called in to be extra DPS on my Huntard for a friend, the way they did it was the Guard tanked the boss in the ‘hallway’ while the rest of us killed the waves of adds (I think there were 3 or 4 waves of several wights each). Once they were done spawning, we all turned on the boss. When I did the quest after it was solofied, I noticed the boss does a drain on the mobs that actually kills them so I make sure to kill them before he can.

  3. Killed 3, maybe 4 adds and got him down to 5k and some change before I died. Guess I either need to wait until I a higher level, wait for Dilligas or ask someone to come help. Bummer.

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