LotRO: IgotitIgotitIgotitIgotitIgotit!

May not have noticed but I’m super excited!! There’s a cloak in game that I’ve drooled over for AGES and never been able to get. That’s changed now! Woot! It dropped when I was doing my troll deed in the Trollshaws and Ranni the Hunter is wearing it with pride.

Awesome SAUCE!


I. LOVE. THIS. CLOAK! And I’ve no idea why, just that I’ve wanted it since I very first saw it. I’m happy. Now to work out why I’m such a crappy hunter. More so than usual. Deeding and general questing, I’m fine. Let me start a skirmish and do an optional, however, and I’m toast. Very frustrating as I only need Helch’s slime to finish my lvl 45 class quests and I’m still 2300 skirmish marks away from getting it. I’d look for a group but given how badly I’m playing on bosses (and¬†optionals), I’m a tad embarrassed to join any fellowship. I helped someone with the wight boss quest in the Trollshaws the other day and killed them the first run. Totally my fault (bad pull) and even though the boss was green to me, we both died. So I want to skirmish for it but I’m not having much luck there either. If I can get my Captain to Landroval from Elendilmir, she’s a tailor and would be most helpful with gear upgrades. Until then, I’m not sure what to do differently.



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  1. Ah yes, I know that cloak. It was designed by a kin I used to run with back in 2007. They snuck their kin logo into the design without Turbine knowing about it.

  2. I had no idea it was a player designed cloak! Awesome look and one of my absolute favorites in game. I have wondered why it’s so different than most other cloaks but I always knocked that off as adding to it’s ‘specialness’, lol.

  3. with regards bad pulls, you can turn off your ‘auto’ next target options, this will help you a lot as you physically have to select the target before you can shoot an arrow..bad pulls in my experience are simply the hunter clicking a skill when the mob they had targeted dies you will automatically pick the next/nearest target and hit it. one final tip is be prepared, have full focus, set a trap, use scrolls, oils, and foods to give you an edge then ‘slow it’ and ‘kite it’ when you are up against a nasty mob/boss, hunters are too used to blasting through trash and they expect to do the same through out the game, bosses and tough mobs are not a sprint but a marathon even for hunters !

  4. Very true. Appreciate the advice and agree. Ranni the Hunter folds like a paper doll on tougher fights so yeah, need to kite more.


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