LotRO: Crossroads. Of sorts.

I had a plan for Ranni the Hunter. I was not going to start her lvl 45 quests, get her first (and second) Legendary or even attempt to enter Moria until her deed log was cleared. Let me explain what I mean by ‘cleared’. I wanted all deeds done for Bree, the Shire, Ered Luin, the Lonelands, North Downs, Evendim, Trollshaws, Misty Mountains, Forochel and Angmar. This does not include instance deeds, for instance, for Carn Dum or the Bree rep dungeons. Just the location and slayer deeds for each of those areas. To date I’ve cleared:

  1. Bree
  2. Ered Luin
  3. the Shire
  4. the Lonelands
  5. North Downs

completely. I’ve only the light ball advanced deed left for Evendim and am about halfway through the Trollshaws page. Speaking of, I was steady working wolves in the Trollshaws this morning. When other folks came around, we didn’t fight for mobs or argue or, and this is a big one, threaten each other over the wolves. It wasn’t a huge problem, really, just a minor annoyance but we were all getting wolves so not a biggie. Until, that is, a level 75 showed up. He ran everyone but me off with his ninja-style greed. By the time he offered me to join (because, in his words, he felt bad) I was too mad to accept his offer. He had bought a deed accelerator and although he occasionally apologized for taking all the wolves, used that as his excuse for being a jerk. I should say, in his credit, that he did take his pet off aggressive when I told him his pet was attacking everything I killed. He put him to guard stance so that was cool. Keeping a pet (animal/herald) on aggressive so that it attacks any and everything is flat rude. This is opinion, of course, but I think that stance is only acceptable in skirmishes (or if you’re completely alone) and even there, you need to be careful with it. Anyway, I mention this not to rag on him but to explain why I’m not wanting to continue with my ‘deed clearing’ plan.

It’s frustrating!

Currently I’m 68/160 on trolls in the Trollshaws. I can take them but at level 46, I’m having to wait a few inbetween kills. Equates to more frustration. I’m not getting any experience off of them so I’m thinking I should either go ahead and start my lvl 45 quests or do the prologue for V2 so I can get my legendary bow. ‘Course, I’d really like to go finish my wolves, too. I only need 120 more and I’m done. But I think that’s my ire talking.

Actually, I think getting my bow and then doing the class quests (lvl 45s) might be the way to go. I could get the deeds done faster if I level up a few more levels anyway. Right? Yeah, I think that’s what I’ll do. Will take the frustration away knowing I’m about to get something uber cool and I won’t have to fight anyone to get it done. I’ll tell you a secret. I can’t wait to get to Lothlorien! I’m even excited about Mirkwood (to be honest, I’ve always liked Mirkwood) but for now, I can’t wait to see the yellow trees! Going forward versus working deeds will feel like I’m making progress towards that goal.


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