Glitch: Skill experiment

I haven’t been actually ‘playing’ Glitch. I’ve been learning skills to see how many skills I could get without actually entering the world. (though, I have gone in a couple of times to check on my ‘donations’ to the Glitch giants) I’d noticed before on my first Glitch account that when I learned a new skill it helped with my donations. It doesn’t help as much as I’d hoped, however, as they are low with every giant I’ve checked. Still, here’s my progress. I’d say so far but as you can see, I’m stopped until I go in world and donate for favor with the giants. That’s a lot of cherry picking and pig nibbling to get my favors up enough to continue skilling up.

If I counted correctly, I’ve learned 60 of 93 skills. I imagine I’ve got a veritable ton of quests available now since new skills learned open up new quests.  (HAHA, I totally stumped spell-check in that last sentence! I’d say ‘I rock’ but I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of.) I’ll get around to them sooner or later, later as in after the holidays! It’s been an interesting experiment that required little more than clicking a couple of buttons every now and then. ‘Twas fun.



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