LotRO: Oh ma doodness!

Played a game a few years ago where I grouped up with a guy who didn’t so much speak English as he did butcher it. He tried, though, bless his heart! Sweet guy, too, but he’d get so frustrated with me when I didn’t understand what he was trying to say that he’d exclaim, “oh ma doodness!!!!”. Cracked me up so much I’d sometimes say ‘what’ or ‘huh’ just to see if I could get him to ‘doodness’ me again. Hilarious!

Today was a bit of an ‘oh ma doodness’ day in LotRO for me. Not so much that I was frustrated with anything, but caught off guard a few times. Here’s the first example.

I was in Thorin’s Hall, down in the basement awaiting for a dance lesson when I saw this. Tell me this isn’t enough to make you do a double-take.

Cyrano de Bergadwarf


The angle of my cam has either caught this naughty dwarf in a sizable lie OR caused his nose to line up perfectly with that little (background) hobbit’s dinky foot. I dunno which but I’m forever suspect of dwarfs from now on. Another spectacle that surprised me happened when I logged out of Gasi (I wouldn’t trust him either. NEVER pull his finger!) and saw this.



If those were his real eyebrows I have no doubt he’d be in some pretty serious pain at the moment! I’m guessing someone hit me with the Coveritol festival consumable and I just didn’t notice. Or maybe that pipe he’s been smoking constantly since donning the festival Pipe Mask caught fire and melted his head. No telling! ‘Course, that wouldn’t explain where all the extra beards came from now would it?

My biggest ‘oh ma doodness’ moment came earlier today, in a huge moment of weakness. I said I wouldn’t do it. Actually, I swore I would NOT do it. But. Well. I did. Ranni the Hunter has been deeding up a storm, stopping momentarily to partake of the festival goodies, and has racked up quite a few Turbine points. It was just so pretty. So very very pretty and she told me she’d felt she earned it. I agreed but was quick to point out that it wasn’t account wide and therefore would not benefit anyone but herself. A selfish action with no compassion or thought for her brothers and sisters. Ranni the Hunter said, “Yeah, so?” and then, before I knew it, this happened.


I really honest to doodness think that if it’s going to cost that many points it by all means should be an account wide purchase. That was the whole reason I refused to get this gorgeous horse. I wanted it, I really did but I felt I had to stage a silent protest by not spending my hard-earned points on a horse for just one character. But I did it anyway. I’ve been nothing but weaksauce today! On the upside, Ranni the Hunter has the most awesome horse in game now! I mean, she has worked her Hobbit-tail off for it you know …..


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  1. The picture of the dwarf was freakily funny. And congrats on purchasing that great looking steed =)

  2. Beautiful mount, for sure! And I totally agree that for the price, it should be account-wide. I was only saved from temptation by my current LACK of Turbine Pts. *^^*

  3. Haha, understand that. I really do wish they’d consider changing it to account-wide but I just don’t see that happening. 😦

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