LOTRO: The Fellowship Walk made it to Echad Dunnan

Yesterday we gathered back at the Ford of Bruinen and set off for Rivendell, the $5000.00 goal CSTM had set for Child’s Play Charity. This walk took place on Saturday afternoon (US time) and there had to have been 40-50 walkers ranging all over the place in levels on their characters. This would certainly be the most dangerous of the walks yet!

We set out guarded by an awesome group of folks from the Sons of Numenor kin. They ran ahead and killed mobs in our path and did their best to keep us all alive and safe. Those stealthed lynxes, however, proved to be a problem and we lost Draculetta before we reached Rivendell. A most powerful champ (forget his name but the dude flat rocked it) went back for Draculetta. Ranni the Hunter has her campsite set to the site just below Rivendell so I ported to Ost Guruth and met them at the Last Bridge, in hopes of being able to port them back to the group. So to speak. Draculetta was too low in level to be eligible for the port, however, so we ran across the Trollshaws, crossed the Ford and started the climb up the twisty paths to Elrond’s city. We didn’t get too far up the inclines as there was a power outtage and it was hours before poor Draculetta could log back into game.

So I have no group photo of the walkers on the steps to the Last Homely House as I didn’t meet back up with the group until they were back down at the Ford.

But, wait! Why did we walk back down to the Ford instead of stopping in Rivendell? I’ll tell you why. LotRO gamers flat ROCK, that’s why. CSTM had set a $5k goal for Child’s Play donations and the community not only reached that goal, but soared past it to over $6,200.00!!  The overage (was 124% of the goal raised when we walked yesterday) was so outstanding we continued walking as far as we could, all the way to the Walls of Moria! How cool is that?

We did lose another couple of members along the way as this was a very dangerous walk! I think most of them were able to be caught up to us at Echad Dunnan though because so many of the folks yesterday were ready and willing to go and help the lower levels back to the walk. That’s quite a task when the mobs are purple’d by 30 levels! My hats off to them for being so amazing, and also to the low levels that were brave enough to do the walk! The folks who came out for this event were such a wonderful group of people and made the walks so much fun.

This, I think, was the hardest group photo to get a screenshot of as the excitement and festival pranks were in high gear. Poor Merric was knocked over more than a few times! To those who donated to make the walks possible, those who came out for the walks (had many from other servers roll characters on Landroval just to participate in the walks) and, of course, to Goldenstar and Merric … I can’t say enough just how awesome you all are. Sometimes I get so flustered with attitudes of people who only care about themselves, people who don’t seem to have it in them to realize there are other folks out there who need and deserve something, too. Seeing the donations for Child’s Play Charity go up every week, knowing people cared … it’s nothing short of amazing! Child’s Play Charity is doing an incredible thing raising money so they can give games to kids having to endure long hospital stays! I wish I could have donated more. I’m very proud to be a part of a community that cares enough to go the extra step and give of themselves like this. You guys rock!

There’s still time to donate if you haven’t and would like to. The fundraiser ends tomorrow on October 24th. Here’s the link.


http://www.childsplaycharity.org/  (Check out the total donations received so far to Child’s Play. FLAT. FREAKING. AWESOME!)






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  1. It was great fun to be a part of this, cheers! =)

  2. I’ve been playing since the January 22nd (2007) stress test. Had no idea I’d get hooked and still be playing almost 5 years later.

  3. by Durin’s Beard! that is a long time indeed! =)

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