LOTRO: Festival mounts and garb

I was running the Harvestmath quests last night and realized Ranni the Hunter’s dress did NOT match her horse. She has the newest festival horse thanks to the most awesome and kind stranger. Someone had asked in the /advice channel how much the festival mounts cost and a few of us were discussing it. When I checked my wallet and found that I was broke I made a comment about how I would need to go out and make some coin as I only had a few silver. I saw the mail notification pop up but had no idea someone had given me 500 silver until I finished the Inn League drunk run in the Shire. I offered goods or services from my cook (the reason I’m broke atm as I’ve started and leveled a cook and farmer up to Westfold tiers) but they weren’t interested. I’m currently selling some of my cook/farmers wares on the auction house in order to pay this kind person back AND give someone who is in need of coin a horse of their own. Paying it forward and whatnot. I used to give away horses like this myself on Elendilmir and, like my donator, never wanted anything back. This person flat made my day when they surprised me and I’d love to do that for someone else.

So. Anyway, Ranni’s dress just didn’t jive well with her new horse so I started logging in alts to see which was holding the grey dye I’d gotten from the starter instance. I found the vials I was looking for and spiffied Ranni up. I think orange dye would have been a better choice but I only have grey and olive dyes at the moment.

When Gasi was learning his dances I realized he was the only character I have on Landroval who wasn’t wearing a store-exclusive outfit. I opened the store and set out to find one becoming a dwarf of his stature. His belly is on the larger side (it’s a Middle Earth beer belly!) and the traditional type robes looked more bathrobish on him. Then I saw it! I bought his new duds, grabbed my olive dye and a new mask he’d gotten from the Poorly-hidden chest in the Haunted Burrow. Meet the new and improved Gasi Stynkrbottom.

A sight to behold for sure! Did you know the beard and nose on this pipe-mask are dyable? I could dye the beard and nose white to make it mesh better with his own beard. I believe he gave Ada, the man-dance instructor, quite a start as she decided to start calling out for her next lesson when he ran up behind her. Poor Ada. I bet she has to endure quite a bit when giving her lessons.


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