LOTRO: Fellowship Walk- A party and a walk!

This afternoon on Landroval we gathered at the Last Bridge for a fundraising party event for CSTM’s Fellowship Walk for Child’s Play.  The bridge was a wonderful venue for lovely music, pipeweed partaking, dancing and ale drinking! Goldenstar started us off with a speech to explain about the charity, our reason for being there, and then the bands started to play.

I believe the name of the first band was The Lonely Mountain Band? (The actual name of the first band was Bards, Beer and Longbeards (BBB). Thanks, Keligamer!) They rocked the house with the beautiful arrangements and had us all dancing in no time.

We were treated to another lovely band, the Old Wineyards, who played music from (I think … so much emoting going on it’s sometimes hard to keep up with chat) the Hobbiton Philharmonic band since they couldn’t be there to perform themselves. What an awesome selection of tunes we heard! I’d written down the names of the band members and song list for each so I could post it here. I have a new puppy and was holding her … and had NO CLUE she ate my paper as I listened to see what we were doing next. I heard the crinkle but I also had a couple of kids right behind me and, well, I’m dumb. So you’ll have to settle for another screenshot.

The party was a celebration/fundraiser and, during the party, Belarieth issued a challenge saying he’d match donations up to $100.00! That push helped us to reach the $4,000.00 goal in money raised for Child’s Play! Woot! Once the party was over we lined up behind Goldenstar and walked from the Last Bridge to Bilbo’s Trolls in the Trollshaws.

This was such an awesome event and I had a blast. Tinki Thudbottom was running around giving away pipe-weed and ale to ensure maximum enjoyment by all. We will be walking to the Ford of Brunien once we’ve hit the $4,500.00 mark. Can’t wait. If you’d like to donate, any amount is awesome. Child’s Play is raising money to buy games and toys for sick children in hospitals around the country. Great cause as so many kids need a bit of fun to help get them through their long hospital stays. Here’s the link to donate again. All monies donated go directly to Child’s Play.


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  1. I’m a member of the first band. We are in The Lonely Mountain Band Kin but the band name is Bards, Beer and Longbeards (BBB). Glad you enjoyed the show 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, I had made a note to find out what BBB meant as I saw it a few times in chat but wasn’t sure what it meant, lol. Thanks. I really did enjoy the show. It’s events like this with the people here that made me switch from Big E to Landroval. The community here is just flat awesome!

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