Glitch: Cute browser MMO

I’ve been playing around off and on in Glitch, an extremely cute and addictive browser MMO game. I’ll be honest here … when I first played it, I didn’t get it. Or like it much. I decided to give it a second try after seeing several of my Twitter/G+ buddies talk about it and I love it now! I’m not fully understanding much of it yet, but I do love completing quests, earning new accomplishments (like deeds I think) and seeing how the different items I collect or harvest interact with other items. Something I learned today is great for upping your mood. You can make a banana (takes 6 cherries and a fruit changing machine) and then caress the banana 4-5 times to boost your mood +5 per caress. How cool is that? I went to the forums in search of ways to boost my Mood as it was dangerously low. I’ll show you why.


I’d been seeing these grave stones throughout my travels and wondered why people would let their energy and mood get so low they’d die. Then I discovered that if you die three times you get an accomplishment for it. I want that accomplishment! So I died. Twice. Tried a third time and the game refilled my mood and energy for whatever reason, so the third time will have to wait. Guess where you go when you die?

Get to squishing!

You go to Hell. It’s an honest to ghod location and to get out of it and back to the ‘live’ world, you have to squish grapes until your “purgatory duties” are completed. How cute is that?

Mood and Energy also determine how fast you gain experience. When they’re low, it’s slow going. Another cute feature when they are low is that you can’t jump as high. I’m currently waiting on my tomatoes plants to finish growing at my house and, in the meantime, cooking up a few energy boosting foods … to use after I die again, that is. I hope the ‘die three times for an accomplishment’ bit is true as it takes a LONG time to build your mood back up. You can pet pigs for an instant +2 to mood. Petting trees gives the same. My mood tops out at 230 at the moment so that’s a ton of pigs and trees to pet! There is a vendor that you can buy mood boosting drinks from with currants (game currency) but I don’t remember where I saw her. Just that she reminds me of Ursula (sp?) from The Little Mermaid cartoon. Time to check on my tomatoes and go find some rice seeds!


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