LotRO: Evendim deeds (aka … SAVE ME!)

I have been deeding Ranni the Hunter non-stop when in game the last few days and I’ve reached Evendim. My deed log pages for the Shire, Bree, Ered Luin, the Lonelands and North Downs are all blank! I’ve done them all save for the barrows deeds in Bree, the ones for Sarnur and the Garth Argawen exploration ones. I did try the GA locations but after I was promptly handed my little hobbit butt on a platter, I left and didn’t look back! I forgot that when you’re in an instance, it doesn’t matter if all the mobs are grey to you. They still bum rush you and will beat you down if they get the chance.

I’ve done all of these deeds with ease, sometimes barely noticing I was killing my way through an area, thanks to a most awesome podcast called “We’re Alive“. It’s a full cast dramatization of a survival story that’s so compelling, deeding became the background noise. I’m currently awaiting season 3 and, to be honest, not doing so very patiently. There may have been some head-on-desk banging when I realized I’d have to wait to see what happens next! What stinks the most is that I’m up to Evendim, an area that although I love to quest it, I abhor deeding it. Like, with a flaming purple passion do I despise doing those deeds. One of the ones I dislike the most is the salamander deed so I went ahead and knocked that one out of the way while listening to Branick and Krorain ramble on about LotRO. I’m down to just one episode of Liquid LOTRO to listen to and then I’m out of new (to me) podcasts to occupy myself while I clear another page in my log. UGH!

I don’t exactly know what it is about Evendim deeds that fill me with disdain but I’m determined clear that page as well. I still need to figure out which deeds Ranni the Hunter should slot but once I’m caught up on them, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to choose from. I’m not sure if I want to start the Kergrim or Gauradan deed next. I’m trying to hit the ones I hate the most, save for the light balls (forget what they’re called), so maybe I won’t be filled with dread once I start to finish the quest deeds. It would be nice to be able to hook up with a group and do the instance deeds as I’ve never done those before. We’ll see.

I’m not going to skirmish again until I’ve caught my deeds up to 8. I hope that will mean I won’t die as much! Skirmishes were easy up until RoI released (which, coincided with me hitting mid 40s) and dying is just getting too expensive. I’ve got my level 45 quests in my quest log and am itching to start those, as well as the quest line to get my first LI. Deeding must come first, however, as deeds take a good hero and make them a great one! I’ve decided that Gasi will get his deeds done before he leaves an area for a new one. That way he won’t have to spend a week or two playing catch up. Deed grinding isn’t so bad if you do it along. I hope anyway. Never tried it that way before.



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