LotRO: Gasi Stynkrbottom

I logged into LotRO yesterday to play Ranni the Hunter.  The first thing I do when I log in is run through her skirmishes, save for Icy Crevasse. I start at the bottom and work my way up and since she’s just a few bubbles from 45, I start with Attack at Dawn. I could NOT get that skirmish done, though. In any stretch of the imagination! Dilly, my protector, kept dying. Interestingly enough, she was a kiss-butt soldier before RoI released. Now she’s slow, won’t follow me up a hill, sometimes won’t fight, gets hung on landscape objects all the time and just doesn’t have the fight in her that she used to. Yesterday was the worst and when she would die, so would Ranni. I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but it’s super costly to die repeatedly, especially when you’re using both trail and cooked foods, lores, hope tokens and anything else you can ‘apply’ to buff you up a bit. Like, fire oil. (OMG how expensive on the AH!) I finally admitted defeat, logged out and rolled a Champion.

Meet Gasi Stynkrbottom.

I’ve never seriously played a Champion before. I’ve always used them for a bit of light RPing. Once I rolled one on Windfola and went around Bree demanding to see my chickens. Most people laughed, a few people trolled me (back) hard but one guy, a hunter known well known on the server as being one of the better raiders, took the time to port me to the Shire and then ran me to Sandson’s farm. I think he thought I was new to the game and was just helping me out by taking me to the chickens. I thanked him and then pretended to go gaga over the chickens at the farm. He even told me how I could become a chicken!

Anyway, I rolled a Champion last night only because I was frustrated at how easily Ranni the Hunter and her protector died in Attack at Dawn. I figured with a Champ, my visits to the rezz circle would be much much less if nothing else. I had no idea how fun it is to steam roll my way across Ered Luin, obliterating everything in my path. There was only one time I came close to dying and that was, as usual for me, due to an extreme overpull. BUT I LIVED! I worked him up to level 15, amid doing laundry and getting my husbands stuff ready for him to go back out on the road. It. Was. Awesome! I think I’m going to enjoy playing Gasi a lot! I’ve got a few Lore-Masters, Captains and Minstrels on different servers and a Hunter on Big E, all 65. None of them fight as well and fast as this guy, though. I totally get why my oldest loves his Champion now. It be fun!


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