LotRO: Warning! Do NOT badmouth Gimli

Ranni the Hunter was working Volume 1 Book 5 last night when she had to do the instance for “The Last Refuge”. After a valiant effort on her part, and a maniacally suicidal one on Gimli’s part, he died … so she failed the instance. Gimli was running from the mobs, I assume, to get a good throwing distance between himself and the dourhands so he could chunk his little axes at them. Doing so caused him to pull mobs we weren’t yet fighting. Once we had every mob around us down, he’d go running off before we could heal up and grab more. Frustrated, I tweeted this.

“Doing V1 bk5 ch 5. Gimli died. And know what? He totally deserved it for pulling so many freaking mobs! #lotro #suicidalNPCs

Then I went back into the instance to give it one more try. I figured either Gimli and I would get it this time or I’d pick up where I left off with Volume 1 Book 7. This go round I stayed far enough behind so that even though he was in battle, I wasn’t. That gave me time to get my focus up so I could pull the mobs to me (meaning, Gimli had to run TO me instead of AWAY from me) and we, hopefully, wouldn’t pull too many per battle. That worked fine through the first part of the instance. I’d go as far to say I was pleased as punch it was working so well. I kept the aggro on the big mobs and let him chunk his little axes to his hearts desire.

Then we got to the part where he hollers at Skorgrim to come down and face us. Skorgrim sent his minions to attack us. We fought off the first band of dourhands with ease using the above strategy. Then this happened.

Gimli is a yellow-bellied dingleberry!

That idiot dwarf ran off after the first set of mobs and left me to fight the 88 kagillion more that came at me! Click the screenshot to make it bigger so you can see my arrows showing where he is with his little ring. Luckily I was smart enough to run up the steps (to the door where Gimli first yells at Skorgrim) so the remaining mobs walking around wouldn’t see me. Sadly, I didn’t realize I could do that until I’d killed off the thickest group of dourhands and giants. Should you ever find yourself in this position, once you’re at the top of the steps, you can pick them off either one at a time or in smallish groups.

I don’t know how Gimli knew I’d bad-mouthed him, but I’m exactly sure that’s what happened and he felt the need to teach me a lesson!! Jokes on him, though. Ranni the Hunter might be uber-low on deeds but she’s a tough nut to crack (shout out to Orion and his Inspired Greatness), unlike a certain hyper-aggressive-axe-throwing-NPC and she didn’t die. So, Gimli, HA!


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