LotRO: Double the trouble

I’ve been working out of Aughaire to get my Fem sets when I came across this.

Click to enlarge

This would have made my Lore-Masters very happy when doing the level 45 class quests as we have to kill Grimgore for a turn in. Everytime I’ve done this quest I’ve had to fight to keep Grimgore as there always seems to be someone there trying to kill steal him off me. Because some folks just want to be jerks. The last time I had the quest, I had a couple of hunters run a group of four wargs around me in circles. I wasn’t paying attention to what skill I was using as I was more watching them than anything, when I hit an AoE skill. I died. They killed Grimgore. I revived on the spot, looted Grimgore, thanked them for killing him for me and horsed back to Aughaire with my quest item. We were all stunned that I was able to loot him but I didn’t care. I had what I needed. (thank goodness they sparkle else I wouldn’t have known it counted as my loot)

Ranni the Hunter hit 42 last night and is almost exactly halfway to 43. That’s cool but means I failed my secret goal of getting her to 50 in a week. I’m still pushing for 50 before I go back and get my deeds done (her highest deed atm is a 4). I honestly don’t know how people level to 50 in a week but maybe I could do better with a champ? We’ll see.  Oh, and the Icy Crevasse skirmish? Oh my word is that sucker HARD! I can kill the dude but when the mammoth gets back on me he’s healed up and deadly! Don’t know if I want to try that one again yet or not.


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