LotRO: Sins of a Hobbit

Did you ever see the episode of Star Trek:TNG . Sins of the Father, where the Klingon high council turned their backs to Worf?  That’s how I felt during yesterday’s Rise of Isengard launch! I think it took around 13 hours yesterday to connect to the patch server, get the updates and log in. Speaking of the unexpected turning of the back, I opened my paper doll on Ranni the Hunter the other day while running around in Evendim and saw this. I was afk quite a bit throughout the day (doing chores while playing) so guessing someone took a peek at my paper doll while I was doing whatever and wanted to see her cloak? Dunno, but immediately reminded me of Worf’s fellow Klingons in that episode.

Made me wonder what my ‘sins’ were. Parr Chopley immediately came to mind. I was offering my services in Ost Forod when I met him. He’s a Hobbit long misplaced from our beloved Shire and was desperate for a taste of home. He asked me to find him a good boar steak as he’s been craving one something fierce! I understood immediately but tried to tell him I was cherry-picking my way through Middle Earth and wouldn’t have time to procure him a nice slab of boar since there were no known boars in Evendim. Parr’s eyes grew big and glassy as he started rambling on about cherry pies, then blueberry ones. “Time’s a wastin”, I said, and explained I didn’t want to be caught in the black of night amongst the Tomb Robbers and their ilk. That was all it took and he was rolling around on the ground going on and on about his very favorite pie from Holly Hornblower, blackberry pies. He looked a mess, drooling and making silly whining noises! I tried my best to snap him out of his ‘berry delirium’ but he didn’t even seem to notice I was there. I did what any self-respecting hobbit would do, or so I thought at the time. I grabbed his stash of Old Toby and ran for the hills! It wasn’t until I found myself smack in the middle of a fight of epic proportions with a certain Tomb Robber Captain that I saw the error of my ways. That Captain had the nerve to call ME out for snatching Parr’s pipeweed! I fell to my knees, momentarily stunned that he would even know about my misdeed. Once I’d come to my senses I did what I had to do. I killed him to make sure he couldn’t tell another living soul! I told myself I was putting him out of his misery but, really, it was my own.

I went back to Ost Forod, deep in regret over leaving poor Parr and taking his pipeweed. Much to my surprise he was happy to see me! I listened as he told me of a horrible dream he’d had, one where he was taunted with images and scents of his favorite pies only to wake up to find his pouch of Old Toby gone. I was suddenly struck with an idea and told him I’d caught glimpse of a big mean Tomb Robber Captain messing about with Parr’s bag and followed him nearly to Forochel where I fought him and retrieved the stolen Old Toby. He clapped with joy as I handed him his pouch of pipeweed. I felt better, the wringing regret lifted from my little shoulders. Alls well that ends well and whatnot!

Yesterday, launch day, was my recompense for my tiny white lie I’m sure! I’m a changed hobbit now and will never leave another Hobbit in a state of duress again. Nor will I swipe their pipeweed and run. Lesson learned!


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  1. I didn’t think someone else could move your paperdoll on your side of the UI. I’ll have to see if that works for mine.

    Also, I just found out about the launch today. I’m so slow I still thought it’d be in November. So hmm, has me pondering if I should officially come back to the game, warden’s spear ablazing, or continue my little lurks with alts.

    Take care!

  2. One of my sons has been interested in seeing my progress on Ranni the Hunter as I’ve never tried to level a character ‘fast’. My original goal was to see if I could hit 50 in a weeks time. I failed. Only made it to 42. 😦

    Anyway, I’m assuming he opened my paper doll while I was doing chores and spun her around and left her that way. Without a log out in between, the next time I opened it she would still be backwards.

    I knew about the launch but I have not read all the diaries and info about what’s new. I feel so behind (MONTHS! behind) that some parts of the game feel completely new to me. I’m glad I’m back playing. Have sorely missed LotRO!

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