LotRO: Screenshots from the first leg of the Fellowship Walk

Tonight a bunch of us walked with the team from CSTM for the first leg of the Fellowship Walk for Child’s Play Charity. It was beyond awesome seeing so many folks turn out for the walk, and even cooler watching more join as we made our way from Bag End to Frodo’s home in Crickhollow. I took a few (aka … a lot) of screenshots. Posting quite a few here. I originally wasn’t too far from the start of the line but for some reason, every time I tried to take a screenshot without having the person  was following highlighted, it stopped me from following them. I finally gave up once I was near the end of the line so enjoy a bit of fame oh highlighted ones! Oh, and if you’d rather see nicer images WITHOUT any screen junk, check here for CSTM’s group LOTRO shots Flickr page.

Here goes.

Leaving Bag End

At one point *I* was the end of the line

About to leave the Shire for Bree!

Walking through the trees on the way to Crickhollow

We made it and danced with excitement!

Group shot!

This was a terrific event and I was lucky enough to meet up with some lovely old friends and new ones! Very glad I made it and looking forward to the next leg!


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