LotRO: Ranni the Hunter is 26. And ALIVE!

Tonight is the first leg of The Fellowship’s Walk and I’m excited. I just checked the widget and it looks like, (had a problem with it updating before), we’ll be walking from Bag End to Hobbiton and then on to Frodo’s house in Crickhollow. Ranni the Hunter has worked her toes off this week to level up. It’s not required, by the way, that you level high enough not to pull mobs on the way. That’s a ‘requirement’ I put on myself as I’d rather be able to help fight any attacking mobs than running for my life. The very first time I ever tried to make the trek to Rivendell was on a Captain I’d rolled. She was a level 7 and I attempted the Trollshaws at night. And I did so until my armour was broken. Then I blamed my Captain and wouldn’t roll another for … two years? Because clearly, it was her fault. That said, I’ve since made it to Rivendell on a chicken all by myself. I rock!

Ranni the Hunter hit 26 before I logged last night. I was thinking about her journey so far in terms of what’s she’s ‘almost killed’. That walking tree in the Shire? Almost killed it as I escorted it to safety from the spider den. Twice. Once I had moved ahead to far and didn’t realize it was in battle. The second time I pulled to far ahead and had a double set of mobs on us. I did kill Candaith in the Amon Sul skirmish. (I know, embarrassing given how easy that one is.) I pulled my objectives as the Nazgul approached. That was especially dumb as my torches had burned out. Oh, and speaking of skirmishes, I’m continuing my tradition of killing the Lore-Master at the west gate in the Siege of Gondamon skirmish. I’ve killed that one so very many times I call her death ‘objective-collateral’. On the rare occasion she lives, I get so excited at my awesomeness another guard usually bites it. I call that ‘Murphy’.

I had hoped to hit 30 before the walk tonight but I don’t think that will happen. Perhaps if I ignore everything today and just play her … tempting. I had been doing orange quests but killing those hobbit-munching spiders under the ruins near the Forsaken Inn took that out of me and broke my armour. I wound up having to sell a stack of hides to be able to repair even! On that note, attempting to run through all the hidden wolves and big red wargs and straight into the spider area, at level 22, will in fact end with dashed dreams and broken armour. Should you continue trying thinking ‘I’ll get it this time’ anyway.

When I do log in today I’ll be chasing footprints after I do my skirmishes. Whee!


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