LotRO: In which I want to kill a hobbit

I worked HARD yesterday on my Landroval character I’ve rolled so I can walk with CSTM on The Fellowship Walk for Child’s Play Charity. Moons ago it was nothing for me to spend all day in game and level a character. I enjoyed it and, to be honest, being a stay at home mom to teenagers who feel that being near me gives them old person cooties, it was a welcome thing. Especially given that my husband is an over-the-road driver and is out a week or two at a time. (I’m  rationalizing my over and excessive gaming here in case you didn’t notice.) Defensive, but all true. What I’m trying to say is that Ranni the Hunter is almost 22 now. Woot, right?


But oh-my-word I am tired. I stayed up too late and then overslept this morning because of it. It’s been so long since I’ve really had a lot of gaming time yesterday zapped me. When I went to bed last night this morning I sat on the edge and thought about my day. My kitchen? Whoo-doggies! I was on a roll in game when supper time came about so I talked my daughter (she’s 14) through making roasted potatoes. They were small potatoes we’d gotten from our garden over the weekend and I really wanted to try them. I took a break long enough to show her how to cut them into the right sized pieces and then got back on Ranni. When she was done with that I instructed her on how much olive oil to add to a gallon sized ziploc baggy to ‘shake and coat’ them, then had her bring the salt and pepper to me at my desk where I added the right amount of each to the bag as I ran a postal bag to some destination in the Shire. I had already told her what to preheat the oven to and when the oven beeped to say it was properly pre-heated, I heard her put the cookie sheet filled with our glorious little potatoes in the oven. It wasn’t long before something started smelling weird. Weird turned to bad pretty fast and, after a few minutes in the oven, I realized the house was filling with smoke.

I forgot to tell her to use a cookie sheet with sides on it. Yes, I had pools of burnt olive oil on the floor of my oven. /arg!

So my kitchen was a mess. My laundry room? Oh, wow. One of my sons came over to wash a load of clothes. He’s like a mini tornado, leaving trails of rubbish and debris in his path. He also ate supper with us, supper we bought from our local convenience store, and, well, debris and rubbish. Everywhere. I did take a break long enough to clean his supper mess up from my living room floor as my Pug got ahold of his trash and proceeded to distribute it to every corner he could find. It was a quick pickup, however, as I was still on a roll in my leveling. It wasn’t until I went to bed that I realized what a day spent on my computer had cost me. My house looked AWFUL! I didn’t fall asleep with a smile on my face. It was more like ‘put the pillow over your head to block any reality from sinking into your dreams!

So today I have to clean up before I jump back in game. Speaking of, I want to kill a hobbit. This hobbit resides in the town of Brockenborings and did his dead level best to keep me from delivering a mail bag from Scary. Here, I’ll show you why he’s numero uno on my hit list.

Soon to be dead nosey hobbit


This is one of several attempts where I failed the quest this close to completion. And, explains why I left the Shire for the Lonelands before attempting the pie delivery quests. I’ve since finished the first couple of rounds of quests in the Lonelands and, at level 20, started skirmishing. Ranni the Hunter is just a few bubbles from hitting 22, something that will be achieved easily via skirmishes. After, I clean the kitchen.


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  1. LOL Ranni! You need to go up the hill to the Plow and Stars above the post office (wait behind a tree for the nosy hobbit to walk back down the path) then dash across the road and over the wall, down the hill to the post office. Or you can hollar for Merrydew and I will come distract the nosy nancies.

  2. I finally got that one finished and yeah, had to go up top to do it. The first couple of times I was ‘caught’ was up top … got to close. It’s probably a good thing we can’t kill those npcs as I would have obliterated the hungry hobbit near the Hobbiton bridge a long time ago!

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