I read about the upcoming Child’s Play virtual charity walk A Casual Stroll to Mordor is doing called “The Fellowship’s Walk” and remembered hearing about it last year. I *so* wanted to be walking with the group ingame and thought maybe, if I’m lucky, I could this year. It sounds like so incredibly much fun but if they do make it to Rivendell I wouldn’t want to be on a freshly faced brand new character. I decided to roll a character on Landroval for the walk (fingers crossed I can participate) and see how high I could get her before it happens. Currently, she’s 11. Ha. Still, I’m excited. The only thing that feels 18 shades of wrong is that she’s a hunter with Ranni’s name. The “Ranni’s” I play (not to be mistaken for placeholders) are always Lore-Masters. I feel like a traitor!

Barefoot and in the Shire I went as far as I could tonight while listening to Lotro Reporter’s podcast (live, yay!) and the latest episode from Lotro Academy. I have always had problems doing Ulfar’s fellow quest, the one where you kill the troll at the end, up in Needlehole. The last time I did this one I went with a buddy and she killed me! Or maybe I killed her with my ‘kill ’em all and sort the bodies later’ over-pull. I have a knack for doing that, regardless of the class I’m playing. I sometimes wonder if any other Lore-Master in game has been yelled at as much as I have, people screaming, “Lore-Masters DON’T TANK!!!” Incredible the amount of fear I’ve heard in people’s voices when running helter-skelter into a group of high level mobs on my LM. Heh. So anyway, maybe I killed us. I dunno. Still, given the amount of times I’ve died doing that quest, I almost didn’t try it on my new little hunter tonight. I did, however, and check this out.

(click this baby to enlarge)

Ranni the Hunter's Awesome Feat

Ran(ni the Hunter's Awesome Feat

That’s six, count ’em, SIX dead little dwarfies. And I still had half my morale left (ignore the buffs. I’m hardcore!) If I hadn’t been so ‘WOOT!’ I probably would have remembered to turn the screen junk off. As it were, how awesome is that? Another woot-worthy moment was in killing the troll at the end. A dwarf popped up from behind a tree and stood there chunking axes or something into my face as I fought the troll. I thought the troll killed all the dwarves but I guess not. It’s woot-worthy because I didn’t die! Excitedly, I ran back to meet up with hop-a-long Ulfar and boasted of my glorious deeds. He was so thrilled with me that he opened up a treasure trove of rewards for me to pick from. I was halfway back to Michel Delving when I realized my reward for being such an awesome hunter of great skill was this.

Diaper-butt leggings

Ranni and her diaper-butt

Yep, I picked the diaper-butt leggings! On the upside they have +3 AGI so that rocks. On the downside, I look like I need a diaper change. Oh wells. Can’t win them all. And, as before, I didn’t think to turn the screen junk off. At least I’m consistent. I hope to play her off and on during the day tomorrow and the next to see how far I can get her leveled up. I may feel like a traitor, giving a hunter Ranni’s name instead of Dilligas (or Dilly, for short … usually what I name my huntards) but I’m having fun at the same time.

Here’s a link to the FAQ on CSTM about the charity walk.


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