GW: Footprints!

This post isn’t about LotRO but instead about Guild Wars. I purchased the Guild Wars Trilogy (Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall combined) a month or so back. I’ve logged eight hours play time (Steam keeps track of that for me) and you’d think that with eight hours, I’d know a lot more than what I do. I wander around confused about armour or ‘what the heck is adrenaline and how do I get it’ most of the time. One night I spent at least an hour and a half trying to find a quest location, one that I’d already been to but had forgotten where it was. There’s an in game quest tracker/pointer but because the quest had bugged on me when I’d tried it the first time, the arrow wouldn’t show to point me in the right direction once I’d decided to try it again. That was rather hellish, especially given that I was so very near the quest location for about half the time I was trying to find it again. And I knew I was close! Bugger!

Steam has me down for 12 hours played time but that’s not accurate as I ran into a nasty little error the second time I ‘played’ the game. I’ve no idea why but my router closed the port the game uses after I’d played the game the first time and it took me for_evah! to figure out why I couldn’t log in. Since I was launching the game through Steam, it recorded that whole debacle as ‘play time’. I’ll tell you, by the time I figured out what was wrong, I was close to deciding that I’d just blown $30 for a game I only played once, and to just uninstall and be done with it. I’m very glad I didn’t go that far as I like Guild Wars. Even if I do play the bumbling idiot character at the moment.

Anyway, back to the eight hours play time … I just found out you can use your arrow keys to move. I had been clicking the ground to move my character where she needed to go, a task that’s both tedious and a little more time consuming than just pressing an arrow and running. I like to open UI windows and see what’s what when I’m running around, but the constant ‘click here and then move here’ kept me from looking through inventory, for example, as I was too focused on where I needed to run. I play another game, Torchlight, and I have to click a spot on the ground to move my guy around in there. I guess that’s why I never tried the arrows in Guild Wars, assuming it had the same mechanic. If I hadn’t accidentally hit the up arrow, I’d still be running around by clicking the ground! Sometimes I’m just not the brightest bulb in the box.

Another thing I ‘discovered’ tonight was this.

That’s my footprints alongside of my pet’s footprints! How freaking cool is that?? This is something I would *love* to see implemented in LotRO in the snowy or sandy areas. You could go to an area like the shores in Evendim and write “SOS” in the sand if we left footprints. (the thought of that cracks me up!) /sigh

I think I’m starting to understand how you obtain armour. Thing is, I don’t know what armour I should be going for. I looked at the wiki for armour sets but at the time I didn’t understand what collectors were for in game. I *think* I do now and am trying not to sell anything I may need to barter for armour. Though, I sold spider legs tonight and THEN found the collector who wants spider legs. I R smart like that. I had assumed that with Guild Wars being an older game, it wouldn’t be as complex as it appears to be. Still, even with my ‘oh how dumb can I be’ moments, it’s a fun game and I’m glad I bought it.


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  1. I’m not sure if you know this already, too, but you can also use wasd to move, and turn off click-to-move as well.

    Glad to see you are sticking with the game, and have figured out the armor thing! There’s a lot that us vets take for granted that aren’t made readily apparent in the game itself.

  2. Ha, didn’t realize that but I only ever use wasd if I have to. My keyboard is on a tray under my desk that’s stuck in place. Using wasd is awkward at best most of the time.

    I am excited to see more of the game! I think I’m going to have to write down where the different collectors are as last time I played, I couldn’t find one I wanted. 🙂

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