The swell of a good piece of music

I dusted my Rune Keeper off last night and ran through enough quests to level him from 19 to 22. Woot! These quests, of course, are quests I’ve done repeatedly so although it was fun, it was a lot of ‘going through the motions’. I decided to listen to a couple of podcasts from Casual Stroll to Mordor as I played. Some time back I discovered that grinding deeds went so much faster if I had a podcast playing in the background. Last night was no exception as I didn’t realize I’d hit 22 until I stopped to look.

One of the last things I did was make a run from Bree to Trestlebridge. The podcast I was listening to was nearly over and as the end music came on, I smiled and, before I knew it, was lost in thought of what it would be like to run around the Shire, barefoot, just looking at the sights. I would *love* to grab a pony and ride over every square inch of the Shire, stopping for a bit to cast my pole in the river as I took a nap on the lush grasses under a warm sun. Maybe I could climb the ruins above Bindbole Woods. The Party Tree, of course, would be a must-stop just so I could run in circles under the ribbons around the tree. I’d love to sit and watch a play or even a band at the Methel Stage before running to the Green Dragon Inn for a bit of grub.

My daydream was interrupted only when I realized I was on foot, having been knocked off by some mob or other as I made my way to the North Downs. The dream was still sweet and on my mind when I went to bed last night, with a smile on my face. My Rune Keeper may be 22 but I think a visit to the Shire is in order for him. I’m sure there’s some sort of mischief he could get up to as he runs around drinking the sights and sounds in. Who knew the ending music of a podcast could inspire such nostalgic fun!

Oh, and I noticed for the first time last night what the Circlet of the Westfold looks like.

He’s a horsey-headed little dwarf now. How cute!

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