Middle Earth Map

I posted this on Google + the other day and thought I’d share it here as well. My husband surprised me with a big map of Middle Earth not long after I started playing LotRO. It’s a poster mounted on some sort of board and then framed. It’s been on my office walls for over four years now and I love to show him where we are in game on the map. It measures 36″X24″ and looks AWESOME!

It’s not the same map that Warner Brothers has in their online store but I love it. My map has sparked many a great conversation about LotRO and Middle Earth and I sometimes sit and look at it, imaging the fellowship and their journey, wondering what it would have been like to have been one of the nine. I wish I could have a map of The Shire right next to it. Wouldn’t that just rock?


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  1. My wife gave me the same poster! Mine isn't mounted and framed – just stuck to the wall with tape, but it is great to see.

  2. I won a big poster from ….was a magazine that asked for people to tell what they were most excited about in the coming xp (mirkwood). It's awesome but it's still in the roll it came in as I don't have a frame for it. Once I do, it's going up. Also have the dwarf map from My Middle-Earth network but, again, no frame. Afraid of ruining them because I smoke.

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